Monday, January 12, 2015


The other week our APs wanted us to reach our weekly goals 80%....And Sister Figueredo and I accepted that challenge with a smile. We started our week off super good and literally worked a ton! We even went out with our Ward missionaries and contacted all of our contact. Then poor Figueredo got sick (2 days). She felt bad because she didn’t want to hold us back...but I told her that it’s fine and we will make up for the days we stayed in. I remembered about the scripture I read where Alma prayed for strength and more Faith to overcome his I started doing the same thing for us. And it worked...of course! We ended up finding 7 new investigators and almost reaching all our metas...we missed them by like 2...but still when you have righteous desires, Heavenly father will help you no doubt!
We also had a Baptism!! My favorite one on my whole mission! Cristian! He was so excited to get baptized. He called our DL to mark the interview and we had originally planned it for 7 but he was like "can you be here at like 4...or 6:30" há he could not wait for the 10th. Then when we went to meet the Elders for the interview...our ZL and the DL showed up with their comps...But it turned out super fun. Our ZL, Elder Greer, brought his football and taught the kids how to play American football! And they just had a blast! Then finally it was Saturday...and Cristian and his Family were all late!! We started freaking out! One member gave us a ride to their house and they were all late because they were all taking showers and getting ready. So we got Cristian and about 20 minutes later the rest of his Family came. It was a shocker when his Grandma showed up. But guys she was so, so, so happy! His aunt Thalia (6 year old) said the opening prayer. Then after his baptism he bore his testimony!!!!!!! And then his other uncle said the closing prayer! It was super perfect and spiritual! The next morning at church he got the Gift of the Holy Ghost and he was just beamming ear to ear with a huge smile! I don’t think Sister Figueredo and I could’ve asked for a better little milagre!
hmmm...I love being a missionary!
Hope you guys are all doing good and enduring till the end! I love you all very much!
Oh and go read this talk!
te amo,
Sister Perez
Brought our leaders out to meet Christian


The whole mission!

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