Monday, April 27, 2015

Wait...whaaaat??..I have a daughter?!?! (just more mission jargon that is not literal!)

Well this week was nothing close to normal!
We had to see the Dr. because Sister Bastos was having a bunch of pain in her was nothing serious she just needs to watch what she eats.
Then Thursday night we got a call...And Sister Bastos got ETd (emergency transferred). We had to be in the mission office the next morning. So when we got there, Sister Aquino, Sister Garibay, and Sister McPherson were there. I was thinking, I don’t think I’m going to go back with Garibay or Aquino and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to finish the training of McPherson. Then finally they tell us what is going on. Garibay was going home early because of family matters. Aquino and Bastos are now comps...And Sister Perez and Sister McPherson are now together...Yep, I’m finishing her training and helping her get used to Brasil. Just when I thought the last transfer was gonna be smooth and worry free...I get a daughter (mission terminology for getting a new missionary to train and raise in all things missionary). I’m not going to lie I was a little scared because I don’t even know this area and my body is extremely worn out! Like I’m dead! ha However, the Lord thinks otherwise. I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t speak any English to Sister McPherson and I would just act words out until she got it...ha it’s so, so, so hard! And it takes a lot of patience and prayer. I have to pray every night to have the strength to only speak Portuguese and not give in and speak English. There is a purpose to this and Presidente is a very inspired man.
A little about Sister McPherson...she is a Nephite...because she is from Nephi, Utah! She is a dancer and she loves to watch the Walking Dead!!!!! Oh, and she served in Arizona for a little! And when it comes to learning Portuguese she is a lot like me! Actually, when she first got here in Brasil I talked to her on the phone about 3 times to help her relax and hear how it was for another American.
This morning Bishop Gerard Caussé spoke to the whole mission! He talked about my dad’s favorite topic: BEING BOLD! He talked about how it isn’t our knowledge that will make us bold, but it’s through the Lord and only through Him that we will be bold. And then he said something that just hit me. "It isn’t about consecrating yourself to missionary work, but it’s about being consecrated to the Lord" So, the whole time on my mission I worked to be consecrated to the work and the Lord. And now that the mission is coming to an end, I need to make sure that I am really consecrated to the Lord. Because only that way will I continue being a member missionary! Ah…I wouldn’t give up this time for anything, and if I could, I would start this mission all over again!
Stay true meu povo!
Com amor,
Sister Perez
They got baptized!!!!!!!!!

Ah...its so cute!

Wait...Captain Brazil?!

I just had to get a picture with the bird since I'm a bird and all!

My child and I doing work

Monday, April 20, 2015

It´s not like I'm dying (mission jargon for "it's almost time to go home")!!!!

So this week was weird. Why? Because I gave my 'last testimony' at the Multi Zona. But it was good and I didn’t even cry! I still have 2 weeks and a whole transfer!
To add to the sadness and ‘trunkiness’ (NOTE: for those of you unfamiliar with mission language, ‘trunky’ is a state of mind many missionaries enter as they get close to the end of their mission; it’s like their ‘trunks’ or suitcases in modern terms are ready to be packed and headed home; missionaries try to avoid this by working harder!) I gave a talk on families! But it really ended up helping me out more than anything. Gave me a lot of hope for my brother Duke. I love the scripture I found in Proverbs 22:6 – (paraphrased) if you teach your kids the gospel...they will always know the way back home. I’m holding Heavenly Father to that. We just need to help them remember and just love them.
Have a good week y'all!
Com amor,
Sister Perez

This place reminds me of Tennessee

And this is what our day normally looks like

Valinhos is so pretty!

Bus stop randomness...

I found the Brazilian Roxy

Monday, April 13, 2015

Bala de Coco

Well this week went really fast...but we had a lot of good things happen. We found 6 novos in one day! Milagre...yes! And these people that we found seem like they will really keep all the commitments!
I’m not really feeling 100% today. I spent all night super sick...along with my comp due to a few coconut candies. Never again will I touch those things.
I got news from Aquino that Diego and Vivian are marked for getting baptized dia 14 de Maio! I’m so happy for them!
Working hard down here and I’m still loving this great work!
Com Amor,
Sister Perez
A little of what Valinhos looks like

I'm the worst at taking selfies....

More of our beautiful area

Learning how to make bread!

We look wrecked...but it was a good day

Monday, April 6, 2015

1 word 5 letters....HILLS!

I am now in the beautiful area of Valinhos, Bela Vista! And this place is full of hills....
But it’ll be ok! I survived my first week. My new comp is a little gaucha do sul, Sister Bastos. She has only been out for 5 months...but she’s got a heart of an old timer (on the mission). We have to take the bus everyday to get to our bairros...and the area is huge! We also share the ward with 1 dupla de elders! It reminds me of my first area in the States! I haven’t gotten to meet the members yet because of General Conference...but that’s ok, the ones that I have met seem super cool.
So, I hoped you all watched General Conference. It was really good. And trunky for all missionaries. But a few of the talks reminded me a lot of the last few chapters in Alma. Captain Moroni is trying really hard to protect his people and protect his beliefs and he gets upset when people don’t take him seriously. But like the Book of Mormon tells us, we must defend our beliefs. We must defend our God. In these last days it won’t be easy, because all that is wrong in the eyes of God are right in the eyes of men (calling evil good and good evil). But as we stay faithful we will be able to vencer (defeat) our enemies!
Last week I got an email from my old comp Sister Mitchell. She told me about this peace that will come after we leave an area or go home and how this peace is a confirmation that we did our part and our work was accepted by the Lord. When I got the call that I was being transferred and as I was packing my bags, I kept searching for this feeling of sadness. But no matter how hard I tried I just felt peace! As I left the next morning...nothing of sadness...only peace. So much peace I just wanted to cry (happy tears) because my work was done in Planalto and the Savior was happy with all the work I had done to help that ward. When someone asked me how I felt about almost being done with my mission, I told them I’m ready to go home in June, but I still know that I have a lot of work to do. They asked if I felt like I needed more time and I confidently said 'nope'.
I know that as we give our all...all the time...we will get these spiritual confirmations that our work was accepted by the Lord.
Com amor,
Sister Perez
So hard to say goodbye to my family!

My new comp...Sister Bastos

Yeah this church building is so nice!

General Conference time!

If this isn't trunky I dont know what is....where can I get some of these for my wedding??

This little guy is just like me...speaks English and Portuguese...was born in California...and is just passing through Brazil for a while

The sisters of the house

The new district