Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm so getting old!!

The 2012-2013 school year has some huge milestone for a few of us Perez kids!

Wrenie went into kindergarten! Angelena is in the 6th grade!! Mikie is starting his freshman year of high school TOMORROW!!! And for me, I'll be chillin' in Hawaii, oh and going to college, of course!!!! It is so crazy to see all my nieces and nephews grow up so fast! I'm not going to lie it makes me want to cry! Especially when I think about my baby Mikie going to high school!! 

I remember when he was just a new born! He was so cute, chubby, and loving! I used to tell him he was my brother. But that is what our relationship was. I was his big sis, and he was my little brother. Yeah, I am his aunt, but I doubt any aunt is this close to her nephew. Yep, we were best buds for the first three years of his life. Sadly, Mommy, Daddy, and I had to move to Tennessee, and I was forced to leave my best bud! Heart broken? Yes, I was. But, Mikie came to visit us a lot, and that made up for the distance. I have so many good memories of that little kid! Like the one where he, out of no where, walked into the bathroom to see my sisters, Mommy, and me and said "Hi fregadas!" My mom and I honestly talk about that almost every day! I also remember when Mikie was visiting us in TN and he punched me right in the face! I was shocked, he was shocked, but I could never be mad at him for long! Good or bad, mostly good, I remember all our times together!

Today Mikie called to talk and get some high school advice from an ex-high schooler! I was more than happy give him the DL. So every freshman listen up and take notes: 

1. Try not to look like fresh meat! Most of the time, upper class men can smell a freshie from a mile away!
2. Whatever you do, DO NOT carry a huge backpack with all your supplies! You'll get a syllabus within the first week, so don't buy your stuff till you know what you'll need.
3. Try to fight the urge to take out your handy dandy map in public! It yells 'FRESHMAN!!!!!!!' 
4. While 3 says not to take out your map in public, feel free to pull it out in a class room or the bathroom. I recommend highlighting all your classes so you can better see where they are!
5. If you get lost, never ever ever ask a guy for directions! They are horribly mean and will more than likely send you in the opposite direction in which you need to go! Ask a girl or a teacher.
6. Last but not least, be you and don't let all the people in high school change you!

(I seriously think I could write a survival guide for high school! Haha I'm joking! I save my tips for family only!)

So, Mikie, I know you'll have a better than awesome freshman year! Not every freshman gets to start their morning with seminary, and then surfing (surfing is the way cooler part of your mornings)! Like number 6 says, be yourself! The best feeling you can get at the end of your senior year is knowing you made it all the way through high school with your true self in tact! Seminary will be so hard, and there will be days you want to sleep in, but don't, just go! You'll be able to notice how off your day is without seminary! It'll be your little spiritual boost for the day and help you face all the bad things you might go through during the day. I love you little guy! I'm glad I can be a freshman with you too!! Go Class of 2016!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nebraska Weekend

This past weekend was filled with family fun! We drove 12 long hours up to Lincoln, Nebraska to see Annie, Dave, Linc, and the newest edition to their family, Oliver!! That's right, my mom and dad have 12 grandkids now! Crazy huh?!?! Oliver was born on July 10, 2012 at 12:51 P.M. He weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces, a lot smaller than his big bro! So that 12 hour drive was way worth it! I can't say I was completely excited to see all of Dave's family (I'm still a chipmunk remember?), but Ollie was getting blessed and I couldn't well wouldn't miss it for anything! When we finally arrived to Annie's house, it was already packed full with family. I was the first one up to the door and Dave's sister gave me the weirdest look..."Yes I know I have huge cheeks", was the first thought that came to mind! The first thing I told everyone was that I just got my wisdom teeth taken out the day before. Everyone compared my cheeks to Ollie's and we all had a good laugh! The next day we had a cookout at the park, and of course I couldn't eat anything! But I played some games and held some babies, so it was all good! Finally it was Sunday, the day we all went for. Ollie, of course, was a good boy during his blessing. I got to hold him for the rest of sacrament while he slept! For dinner, Dave grilled steaks! He was definitely taunting me! Everyone knows that I love steak, and I was dying not being able to eat it! But my genius mom had a genius idea! She blended up my steak! Yeah, it sounds kind of gross, but it still tasted great! My mom is the best! After dinner all of Dave's family left. Daddy, Annie, Dave, Linc, Ollie, and I all went for a walk to the Sunken Gardens. It was so pretty and the weather was great! I held Ollie in some baby carrying thing, and he fell asleep in the middle of our walk. Sadly, Monday had come and it was time for us to go back to Tennessee...boo!! But we spent all morning hanging out with Linc and Ollie! We got Linco a swing, and boy does he love it! I'm going to miss those boys a ton! Oliver is my 12th favorite nephew and I love that little guy! It was a great trip even if I did look like a chipmunk! Can't wait till I see Linco and Ollie again!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oh No!!!!!! My Wisdom Is All Gone!!!!!

Everyone goes through this... huge chipmunk cheeks, all doped up on pain medicine, and stuck eating nothing but liquids!

That time has finally come for me! I went into the oral surgeon this morning at 9 o'clock hungry and dying of thirst!! Why on earth would they make you starve and become dehydrated before getting all your wisdom taken away?!?! Ok, ok I'm over reacting, but seriously I was thirsty! Dr. Maroda talked with mommy and me right before I went in, explaining everything I should expect. Then I was taken to the room where they hooked me up to monitors and put the IV in. The lady started asking me why I choose BYUH and I remember telling her why. I could feel myself being pulled into some sleepy state and then BAM I stopped talking mid sentence and was out! When they woke me up I was holding a bag with my wisdom teeth thinking, "What the heck is this?!" and the nurse kept trying to get me to stand! I think I had a hard time walking. I probably looked like some drunk trying to walk a straight line! Haha! Finally I made it to the car and I kept talking... mommy had a hard time getting me to shut up! She took me to sonic, YAY, we got my favorite strawberry slush with EXTA strawberries and headed home. I think I yelled at the carhop to bring spoons... I can't really remember. Mommy also said I kept playing with my bottom lip and saying, "Its numb!!!" Before I passed out, again, I Skyped with Christie, Mikie, and Jaxon! They pretty much had a blast watching me try to talk! I had the hardest time saying 'P' and 'B' words! After we got done, I passed out and mommy switched my ice packs every 30 minutes. And oooh man, talk about a great nap!! I woke up to Zoli saying "hey" over and over again. He was so cute saying "hurt" and pointing to my chubby, numb cheeks! Z got some gauze and put it to his cheek, because he was hurt too! I'm still hungry,boo, but my thirst has been satisfied with my slush! Right now I'm just waiting for Steven and Porter to stop by with more sonic slushies! I'm finally that chipmunk that's super high on pain meds, but I'm in sonic slushy heaven!! Its a win win!

Sweet Summer Time

Here's a wrap up of my summer right before college...

Since this was my last summer as a non college kid, I decided to do some fun things and spend time with the people that mean the most to me! 

At the beginning of summer I went to girl's camp. Not as a camper, but as an adult leader!!! Talk about weird when the other ladies were calling me 'Sister Perez'! Its a lot different when your an adult there. You literally do NOTHING!!! I got a daily nap in, roamed around, or braided the campers' hair! I became known as the braid lady! Haha! I can't wait to go next year when my niece Angelena goes! 

Once I got back from camp, the unthinkable happened!! An accident happened to a family in the Spanish branch and we became legal guardians for their 6 kids! Talk about crazy!!! It was a bit hard but then I fell in love with the little guys! My mom and I weren't on our own though. Steven, my best guy friend, was at our house almost every day! Those kids LOVED steven! I mean LLLLOOOOVVVEEEDDD him! As soon as they'd wake up, they would ask when he was getting there. It was fun when we had them, and now that  they're back with their family I can't help but miss them.

All the excitment happened at the beginning, because for the rest of the summer I just worked as a hostess at the Melting Pot or babysat. I also started fitness kickboxing with my friend Caitlyn!!!! Its one of the best workouts ever!!! So don't mess with me....I'm dangerous! Hahaha! 

Like I said I wanted to spend time with my friends and family, and I'd like to think I kept to my word! Porter, Shelby, Foshee, Beth, Steven and I got together for a cookout. Steven, Emily, and I had a little mini cookout. Obviously us southerners love cooking out!! But thats not all we did! We did other stuff, which was good. Steven practically spent every day at the house! He's pretty much part of the family now! He's also Wren's new crush! Wrenie confessed it to her family in the car one day!! Isn't she funny!

I've got a confession!! I'm a Netflix addict!! My mommy and I started watching Lost! Let's just say once you start its hard to turn off the TV! We should be done before I go to college...or mommy has to wait for me to come home in December!

My summer isn't done, but that's all the excitement for now!

A Bit About Me

Since practically all my sisters, and sister-in-law, have some sort of blog, I figured why not start one myself! I guess this blog is mainly for me to write all about my college experience without blowing up Facebook and for me to just write...well type it out. So sit back and enjoy the ride of my college year...from my point of view!

I probably should start out by introducing myself, but then again the only people reading this already know me. But I'll do it anyway! My name is Robyn and I'm the baby of 5, hence the littlest song bird. I was born in lovely California but currently live in Tennessee. I can't say that I love Tennessee as much as I love California, but it has grown on me. I've dipped my paint brush into practically everything! I'm glad to say that my canvas of hobbies, talents, and random things is not quite the colorful master piece I intend it to be in the end. But I've got plenty of years to finish it! I finally finished high school and will be heading out to beautiful Hawaii to attend BYUH! Yup, that's right, BYU has another campus in Hawaii. And let's not forget another important fact...I'm a Latter-Day Saint, or better known as a Mormon! It's a dream come true and I couldn't ask for a better place to go to college. I'll be studying Exercise Science and Music. I jumped around from doctor, pediatric plastic surgeon, dentist, general surgeon, athletic trainer, and my final decision, drum roll please.... PERSONAL TRAINER and NUTRITION SPECIALIST!! I obviously wanted to help people in some way, but then it dawned on me! Why not help people get and stay healthy BEFORE they even get to a doctor! It was such a genius thought, I am determined to make it happen! Hopefully some day I'll have my own gym and will be helping people to get healthy and fit! I'll have to give my brother all the props for convincing me to major in music! He said that I have got something going and if I didn't do something about it, I would be wasting my talents. I probably should tell you my musical talents. I play the piano, flute, ukulele, some guitar, and sing! That's a lot, but I love music and its my outlet when things get tough. Maybe one day I'll make it big, but for now I'll keep at it for fun!

Well thats pretty much my watered down bio, but like I said, most people reading this have known me from birth.