Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Random Thoughts

This morning I was supposed to go to the temple, but my car refused to start. I decided I would come back inside and just read my scriptures a little. Then I got a feeling I should share my thoughts. 

Last Sunday was Fast Sunday. Usually I don't do a true fast (I know shame on me), but that is only because I get HORRIBLE migraines if I don't eat or drink water. However, since I'm preparing to be a missionary and all, I figured I should really fast this time and every time until I leave for my mission. So, on Sunday morning, I started my fast with a prayer. I decided to fast for my cousin Zach since he just entered the MTC a while ago. With that prayer in mind, I had my first, best experience with fasting! It amazed me how going about fasting the right way, will make the experience so much better. I sorta kicked myself for not doing it the right way sooner. 

I also went to the Spanish Branch for sacrament. I usually don't go because believe it or not, I can't speak or understand Spanish that well. But I was just so amazed at how many little kids went up and bore their testimonies! I might have not have been able to understand most of it, but you could feel the Spirit so strong. As little kids, they don't care much of what people think, and they'll openly and courageously bare their testimonies. Their testimonies are so pure! When we get older, we start getting worried about what people will say when we bare our testimonies or if we will say the right thing. But we need to be like those little kids and just go up there and let the Spirit guide our thoughts. I don't know why, but it just made me so happy seeing so many kids get up there.

For some awesomely good news..I'm all done with my shots!! I got the yellow fever, flu, and I started the typhoid pills yesterday! I practically ready to go to Brazil! On Monday, my mom, Aunt Nancy, and I had a great shopping day! I got the shoes I've been dreaming about, brown oxfords, and a lot more tops! My dearest Aunt Nancy got me the PERFECT sister missionary backpack, like I am in love!! I still need to get a few, I mean a lot, more skirts and tops, but I'm still excited about all the shopping! All this mission stuff has made me actually enjoy shopping...Since my MTC location was moved to Provo, I need to get a good winter coat and some thick know me, I'm not much of a cold weather person! 

Well, I'm going to try and start my car, so I can hopefully go to the temple!

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