Friday, January 3, 2014

Hello Missionary Training Center (MTC)!!

Hi! Christie (Robyn's older sister) here, I'll be updating her blog and keeping you all informed about her mission while she's gone!

Robyn departed chilly Memphis, TN at 7:30am headed to an even chillier Provo, Utah via Delta Airlines, non-stop! Annie (older sister) and Oliver (nephew) picked her up at the Salt Lake City Airport and headed straight to Walmart to buy a few more essentials. Robyn’s debit card didn’t work, so Annie paid the bill! They then went to grab a quick lunch and headed for the Missionary Training Center (MTC).  They were greeted by a missionary couple who put a post it note on the front windshield, pointed them to an unloading area and told them they had 2.5 minutes to say goodbye and take a picture. She was really excited to finally arrive!   

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