Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Week one, week two... Done and done

Robyn just finished up week two at the MTC and so far things have been great! Her first week was filled with getting to know her schedule, new classes, meeting her new companion (Sister Dickson) and teaching their first lesson (in broken Portuguese and mixed Spanish) to their investigator. Her fifth day there she woke up with her whole body aching and the chills. She went through the whole day feeling awful! That night she "literally poured out my heart in a broken Portuguese prayer asking my Heavenly Father to please help me stay healthy". The next day she felt a little and continued through the day with a prayer in her heart for good health. By the end of her first week she was feeling better, her Portuguese was getting better and she's loving every minute of her 

Her second week was filled with a lot more learning and she started to feel the stress of it all. While her companion and her were teaching their investigator the fourth lesson, their investigator asked to be baptized. They were so excited, "it was one of the best feelings ever!!". She gave her first talk in sacrament on Sunday. She wasn't nervous and was glad to get a talk out of he way! She says that she has had a great experience so far her testimony and faith are growing daily. 


                     Robyn and her companion after their investigator asked to be baptized

                                Robyn (Sister Perez) and some fellow missionaries

She loves to receive Dear Elder letters (who wouldn't). It's easy and free to send while she's at the                         MTC, just go to

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