Monday, February 24, 2014

In the real world now!!

Robyn has been out of the MTC for two weeks now! She is still waiting on her visa, so she has not made it to Brazil yet. But, in the mean time, she is serving in New Mexico. She was really excited to be out in the "real world". It started in the mission home where she had pizza with green chilli! Yes! real non MTC food. Then she had her interview with President Batt and the whole time she felt that he kept talking about the reservations. The next morning she met her companion and "I'M GOING TO THE RESERVATIONS!!!". Yep, she was really excited. 

She and her companion, Sister Johnson, live in a trailer and drive a little red truck. And on top of keeping up with her Portuguese, she's now learning Navajo. They meet a lot of shamas (grandmas) who speak only Navajo and she loves meeting investigators and the less active. She's already had some of her first mission "funny" stories. One has to do with eating a lamb and potatoe sandwhich, but getting a mouth of nothing but fat! Another, being mauled by a huge scary dog! That day her and her companion avoided every house with a big dog. They have many opportunities to serve the Navajo people. Because everyone has wood stoves, Robyn and her companion get to cut and deliver wood to them. 

"This past week past week was sooooo glorious!!" First they had a baptism and then Sunday 5 of their less actives went to church! Including one who is her favorite! Robyn is loving her time serving and preaching the gospel on the reservation. She knows it's where the Lord needs her right now. 






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