Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What a week!!

Sister Robyn Perez
Received 03/03/14

What a week!!!

So it all started with Zone Training!! We played glow in the dark volleyball...not sure if that was a good idea, but it ended fast!! Then we had training and let’s just say my mind was blown!!! I have a favorite missionary!! So Elder Salmons and Elder Fauster did this how to begin training that seriously blew my mind!! He mixed in a little of the first part of L1 and HTBT. At the end he extended a Hard Bap Commit....what the heck!! Thatsooo soon, right! But we tried it this week with our new investigator, Jane (and we did a soft invite...so no date) AND SHE SAID YES!!!!!!! It was crazy awesome!!! And I seriously want to be like Elder Salmons!! Hes so solid!!

We have 2 new investigators!!! Jane and Derek!!! I love Jane! First question she asked us when we met her was "whats the difference between your church and every other church" OH boy!! It was perfect and the Lord was seriously preparing her for the Gospel!!! She accepted everything we said and she said it herself that she was looking for something new!! As for Derek we ran into him while tracting last Saturday and he asked us to come back later that day!!! Even he said yes to the soft invite!!! Both said they would think about the hard invite we gave them...but hey that’s a start!!! 

One of my favorite little old shamas, Roberts, said she wanted to be baptized too!! BUT she wants to do it on her birthday!! Both sisterJohnson and I were hoping it was soon...but not...it’s in December!!! So now we got to try to work her up to doing it sooner!

I seriously LOVE the Rez!!! It’s the best! Hands down! The people are so crazy and awesome! One guy we tried to talk to was "too busy" and held up a bag of cinnamon rolls and walked over to his horses....yeah Sister Johnson and I were so confused!! Then one guy lied about his name when we asked!! It literally took him 2 seconds to come up with his name!!! From that we have a new saying "we are with the Lord, not the cops!!"

We had the best experience with following the Spirit yesterday!! It was awesome!! We went to visit a less active sister and we started reviewing L2...but it took a turn for the best.She’s had a rough life and doesn't feel strong, but knows that Heavenly Father is always by her side! I had this prompting to share a scripture that came to mind, but the reference didn’t come to mind...so I just said some stuff, and the stuff I said was what the Lord would have said if He was there...it was crazy!! Then I looked at my scriptures and saw a little faded piece of paper and I opened it and BOOM it was the scripture I wanted to show her!! She read it and cried a little and said how she loves it that we always have scriptures to help her. Sister Johnson said "All that we share and do is what the Lord would share and say to you" It was the best lesson weever had!!! We followed the spirit so well and we taught to her needs!!! I want to get to the point where I can do that all the time!!

Like I said this week has been ON POINT!!!!! Sister Johnson and I are pretty much best friends now!! We always have fun...but we always remember our purpose here on the Rez! One of the best parts of this week was all the mud!!! It’s a good thing our truck is 4 wheel drive or we'd get stuck everywhere!!! My feet got stuck a ton and all day Saturday I was tracting with mud in between my toes!! J

It was so awesome getting to see the Gilbert Temple dedication too!! AHHHHH I seriously love my mission!!!! And whenever I get my visa I'm going to cry like a baby!!! But until that day comes...I'm not thinking about it!!!

I love all you guys!!!! Don't be scared to share the Gospel! We have something so special and great why should we keep it from others?!

Te amo,
Sister Robyn Perez!



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