Monday, June 15, 2015

The End...

Sad. Happy. Tired. And excited. That’s how I feel. This week wasn't how I expected. I just wanted to work até o pó, but with my dog bite I could barely walk. It would swell up and start hurting again. But McPherson was awesome and not only was she my comp but my nurse. She woke me up at midnight and 6 to take my antibiotics, got all the things I needed and literally made me stop walking and lay in bed. I love her so much! Then I had some ‘self-sufficient’ class that all the "dying" missionaries (note: those who have finished their mission and are ready to return home) have to lasted all day. And then I got to stay with Sister Dickson, my MTC companion. The next day with the ‘dying’ (see note above) group, we all went to the temple and had lunch with Presidente Perrotti and his wife. We then talked about ‘after the mission’ stuff...and a lot about dating and marriage...woohoo...the "next step" according to President Perrotti. Then...thanks to me, the party had to end because I needed to leave to take my next rabies shot before the clinic closed. That same night, the Elders from our ward met us to go out for dinner...ah, I'm gonna miss them. The rest of the weekend was spent packing and getting my clothes ready to give away. The only thing I'm really bringing home are books in Portuguese!
It's so weird thinking about going to see my family! Like I feel like they are just virtual...ha, ha, ha, but really!! I forgot what it's like to physically be with them. But I can't wait to see them all.
Surprisingly, I'm not worried about the future. After the temple, I got a feeling that everything is going to be ok. I just need to always remember the things I learned out here on my mission. And even though I'm done being a full time missionary with a name tag sharing the gospel 24/7...I'm starting the new mission...being a full time member missionary, being an example of Jesus Christ 24/7!!
Bittersweet is a better word for how I feel. But let the next adventure start!
Com amor,
Sister Robyn Perez
My last District meeting

Eating is what we do best

Rosangela, the investigator that took me to the hospital and did my eyebrows!

Saying goodbyes

Last time going through the Campinas temple!

Lunch with the all the other dying missionaries

Getting my second rabies shot

Temple with one of my favorite families

Seeing old friends...makes my heart happy

Gu and Bella!

Vivian and Diego!

Getting egged because I'm leaving...haha what??

President and Sister Perrotti

Leaving the mission with my MTC comp

Saying goodbye to my family! #sad

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