Monday, September 14, 2015

I've been back for a while...3 months actually

So how is it being back home? Well it has been about 3 months! It feels weird and I still sometimes hesitate when I introduce myself as Robyn and NOT Sister Perez! In more detail, I got sick once I got home...and I mean the food here in AMERICA wrecked me! It was horrible and I didn't eat for like a week. Yes, I was missing all the beans and rice! Haha! I still am, but not as much. Did I cry once I got home? No...I think I did a really good job at preparing myself to come home. Reminding myself that I had done my best and that the Lord was happy for the work I did. I am glad my mission happened, and I'm going to use all the things learned throughout my life. However, I will not let myself be sad that its over, but happy and grateful it even happened!

Of course I still keep up my scripture study (which has been limited to 15 minutes) and my daily prayers are still going strong. I go out with the missionaries when I can, but it can be kind of hard since they are Elders and not sisters...ugh! 

I do have some huge news....about 3 days after arriving home I started talking to my now boyfriend...Jordan. Who just so happened to serve in the same mission as me but we never met each other until he was put into my zone his last 2 weeks (I went home 4 weeks after him). And since then he has been my best friend! It has been great with him...not easy at all since it is long distance, but he is worth it all. What is even better is that we help each other grow spiritually and it is almost like having a comp all over again (not to mention next year he'll be my eternal companion). Right now he's juggling college, basketball, and trips to see each other is rare. In fact all of our visits were done this summer. But thank goodness for Skype! Being so far from someone you love makes your heart hurt and we are both feeling it. But like that quote says "distance makes the heart grow fonder" heart is going to be pretty dang fond by the time we are finally together for good! And this circumstance is proof that I clearly need to continue to work on my patience. 

What am I doing with my life right now? Working and working out! haha! Yeah, you bet I got back into crossfit as soon as I settled down in Huntington Beach (with my big sis). I even started the Whole30! Work is work...but Crossfit and eating clean have been amazing! I love it and missed it a ton! I feel like myself again and this time I WILL GET ABS!! I've even taken up a new hobby making and selling weight lifting wrist wraps! (I can now add sewing to my wife/mommy resume!)

Welcome back to myself! 

             Stay tuned to read all about my adventures!

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