Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Crazy how time flies!

Sister Robyn Perez

PO Box 203
St. Michaels, AZ 86511   

Received March 10, 2014

Week 9


Another week has flown by!!! I'm starting my 5th week in the mission field today!!! Crazy how time flies! I was just thinking...I have yet to have a bad day! But that's way good because clearly I'm so involved with the work and too busy loving all the people!! Yesterday we stopped by an investigators house, it was her birthday so all her family was there and they were cooking-out. WELL, we talked to her brother for a good bit of time and he took the PE off my last name and nicked name me Sister Rez! Ha! I love it out here!!


So remember Roberta?? Well.......she called us asking if she could get baptized on "all fools day"! haha it was seriously the best voice mail I have EVER gotten! We called her back and she was like what all do I need to do to get baptized? WE went over the next day to talk it over with her and then she wanted us to give her every pamphlet so she could read while going up to Oklahoma this week. Then we tried to get a date set with her, and since she can't get baptized on April 1st (you have to go to church for 4 weeks before you can  be dunked), she chose the day before mother’s May 10th. Neither Sister Johnson or I will probably be here, but oh well!! I seriously love Shama Roberta!


The Chee's are one of my favorite couples! They are a hoot EVERY time we see them! Sister Chee is anawesome lady!! She went on to say how she gave her goat ibuprofen because it was having a hard time walking...but now it’s better! And according to her when your dog is sick you should crush up ibuprofen and put it in some ground meat! But only Indian dogs like the medicine in meat, because their owners love meat! And white man’s dogs like their medicine in ice cream like their owners!! That’s sister Chee's wisdom! Oh yeah, and high top converse are white man’s moccasins! We get the best wisdom from Sister Chee!


Last Tuesday was an eventful day for us. It all started when I took a shower and the shower door came off the track. I ended up leaving it and not thinking much of it. Then we went to dinner and we had left our trash in the back of our truck...bad idea because the rez dogs got in the back and tore it all up!!! Then when we got home and finished planning I got the idea to put the shower door back on the track....bad idea!! Well I got it up, was holding both sides of the door, called sister Johnson in and then crack! The shower door literally just self-destructed in my hands!!! I got a pretty gnarly cut on my finger and then was standing in glass! It was so bizarre! So we ended up cleaning it all up super good and now we only have one glass shower door. 


President Batt had some awesome revelation and that is to flood this mission with copies of the Book of Mormon!! We even have to use them when we are knocking! But if they read the BoM they will want to come to church on their own, they will ask us to be baptized! It’s pretty awesome!!! And this Saturday I did my first TTI, teach, testify and invite with the BoM and the guy said he would read it!!! It was so cool how glued he was when I was talking about the BoM! I can't wait to use it more!!! 


We had the sister trainers come in on Friday and Saturday! It was so fun having other girls here!! For once we got to be like our Elders and have a party! ha-ha! It was really fun going out with them and role playing with them too! They gave me a ton of confidence too, because they had me do everything!! It was so sad when they had to leave though!! But I hope I will still be here when we get to go with them for exchanges!


I love it out here! I love the people! The Book of Mormon has never been so real to me in my life! I love you all!!!!


Sister "Rez" :) 


Last Monday we had a bon fire for the elders who had been out for 1 year!! They each burned a shirt and all I could think about was a story one of our MTC teachers told us about burning stuff...luckily nothing bad happened! ha 








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