Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A best weekend ever!!

Week 13

Sister Robyn Perez

PO Box 203
St. Michaels, AZ 86511   

Or at   robyn.perez@myldsmail.net>


Received April 7, 2014


So I think Im just going to start going by Sister Rez...that’s what sister Chee calls me now.

This week was super windy...so windy that sister Johnson broke the truck door...like the hinge snapped....then the next day, my side broke!!! Haha yeah...we need to get them fixed asap! And then on top of that our windows stopped working too...Our poor truck is falling apart on us!! Sad thing is its a 2013 and we are wrecking it...

Last Monday was awesome!!! In the morning we helped sister Chee build a goat house. It was a little scary at first because she didnt seem too confident at working the saw...but she eventually got it to work and Im still alive so thats good!! Haha. After we finished with that we went with our Elders to Ganado to go on a hike to some old ruins! Just getting there was a trek. We all drove our trucks up through the canyon and boy the scenery is BEAUTIFUL! The hike wasnt bad at all, but the rock is super flaky and like none of it is actually in the ground just on top, so if you step on a loose one you slide a little. Supposedly (legend has itwhen you go into the ruins your growth gets stunted...so I'll be short forever now! Ha, ha! We stayed up there ALL day, like right up til dinner...but, it was way worth it!

The rest of the week was normal. We did a lot of inviting people to conference! I taught the Law of Chasity for the first time....and it went super good!! Then later that week I taught it again...to a grandma and a 15 and 9 year old...it went good too!! Seriously, teaching the Law of Chasity is not bad at all!

We got dropped again...through a text!!!! But its ok! because we will just work harder!!

Conference weekend is the best weekend!!! Since I still have to do 12 week and language study, we were only able to go out for 2 hours and one of those hours was dinner! The other hour we went around to everyone we knew and left them with sticky notes about conference. Roberta came to the Sunday session...but Lorinda (a lady that the missionaries had been working with for sometime) came to BOTH SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!!!! She came to EVERY SINGLE SESSION!!!!! it was seriously a miracle!!!! And she loved it!!! 

Sunday morning during comp study I was looking out our window and I saw a COW!!! She was just chomping on our grass...or weeds...I don’t really know what our yard has. So being crazy, sister Johnson and I ran outside and tried to take pictures with it, but she took off running...and we chased after her!!! I really wish I would have recorded it, but I wasnt thinking! Sister Johnson and I are determined to get some rope and learn how to rope stuff! So next time we have a cow in our yard we can catch it!!! Haha!!

Hope everyone is doing great!! You are always in my prayers!!! and TE AMO!!!!!!!!!!!












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