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I'm Staying!!

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Received March 24, 2014

Week 11


I'M STILL ON THE REZ FOR ANOTHER 6 WEEKS!!!!! I'm actually really excited that I got to stay here!!! Iwasn’t ready to leave yet! And this transfer, Sister Johnson and I are going to do some great things!!


So this week was full of exciting stuff...I almost want to start off with telling you about Saturday...but I think I will save it till the end!!


For p-day last Monday, Sister Johnson and I went to the zoo! It was...pretty cool....there is like nothing there.LOL, all the animals are just the ones native to the rez. So, there was a bob cat and a bear and coyotes. And then it was super windy, so we came out with a layer of dirt on us. Sister Johnson kept saying she was so tan...then she wiped her face and her tanness was all gone! Thats about the only excitement we had on Monday.


I got to hold my first baby goat, Sister Chee named it Skunk and it really lived up to its name!


Tuesday was a super good day! We had a ward activity and about 12 people (mainly investigators) showed up!! We played kickball and ate hotdogs. We want to try to do it again and hopefully this time we will have a ton more people come out! 


We got to see Roberta twice this week!! She's doing super good! And she really opened up with us on our last visit! She told us that her daughters were baptized!!! And she's really excited to be getting baptized. She came to church too! And after sacrament she just walked off to her class! She doesn’t even need us at church to show her around! After Sunday school she came and told me she needed the Bible, D&C, and Pearl of Great Price...I told her she doesn’t really need to get those until after she gets baptized! Ha! But, the best thing she said thisweek was when we were talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She was like, "I haven't been dipped yet!" Sister Johnson and I tried so hard not to laugh! We love Roberta!! Oh yeah! ON Sunday she said she loved us!!!!! It made me so HAPPY!!!!


Sister Johnson and I had to drop 2 of our investigators....the other sisters had been teaching them for forever and not once had they been to church! Before we did it we role played it...and we were so scared!!!! When it came time to actually do went pretty good and they understood why we couldnt come by anymore. As a result from that...we got two new investigators!!!! Daylene and Laura!!! They are both super awesome and super excited about learning more!!! We are going to see Daylene this week and hopefully she's been reading the Book of Mormon. As for Laura...we saw her like 3 days in a row. The 3rd time we saw her she still hadn't read the B oM, so I told her we couldnt have a lesson because she didn’t keep her commitment. We explained why commitments are so important and she seemed to get it and she promised us she would read. We were supposed to see her yesterday, but she called and canceled. We will probably swing by her place tomorrow!!! But yeah,the Lord really does bless you when you drop someone and find people who are ready for the gospel!


A lot of the times our appointments fall through. People don’t understand that when they set an appointment they have to remember to keep it!! Well we had a day where EVERYTHING fell through...and so we were at the end of this driveway and we had no clue what to do! So we said a pray and not 2 seconds after we said amen our phone rang!!! It was one of our less actives and she had a relapse...sowe rushed over to her and just sat wither while she cried. It was sad, but we were glad we could be there for her. Then she had to do some work around the house, but before we left I told her "let’s say a prayer and you can give me your cigarettes.She wasnt too sure, but in the end she gave me her pack...along with some other stuff...and we said a prayer. We chucked her stuff and then headed to dinner. The next day she called us to let us know that her paper work got approved and she would be getting into a program for help!!! It was a cool experience in that Heavenly Father seriously answers our prayers!!! 


Saturday was pretty epic! Once again no one was home so we parked our truck on the 12 and walked down to Lagoon Road so we could save miles. Well no one on Lagoon was home either, so we had the bright idea to walk to our next appointment...all the way in Tse Bonito! One hour later we got there with enough time to set a return then my feet were killing me!!! We had done so much walking that we had actually walked to the New Mexico border! And little did I know that I had 4 huge blisters!! 2 huge ones that covered my WHOLE heel! We had to walk back to our truck...I kept praying that a member would drive by and give us a ride...we almost got back to the 12 when we saw a little white car waiting for us! I was like, is that Roberta!!?!?!? Once we got closer to her car we saw...IT WAS ROBERTA!!!!!! She seriously saved my feet! She dropped us off at our car and then we went on to go contact a few people before we went to lunch at the stake presidents house. That was the best lunch I have ever had!!! I ate two steaks and watermelon! It was much needed after walking for like 2 hours of the day and killing my feet. I now walk like an old shama and I hate wearing shoes! But I got to get ready for Brazil when I wont have a car...


I cant wait to see what the next six weeks bring!!! Sister Johnson and I are going to slay St. Mikes!!!!!!!


Te amo!!!!  







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