Monday, October 13, 2014

After 5 months I'm Leaving Jaguariúna…

So the worst call I’ve ever had to answer was the transfer conference call. It came way early and we were at a recent convert’s house when it came. So this is how it goes. Our ZLs call all of the missionaries in the Zone and then say all of our names and whether we stay or leave. We were the last area to be called out for our district and he said my name first and after he said "Sister Perez....vai embora!" I cried! I mean I already knew I was going...but I’ve been here for forever, so it was a given I would leave. But I can say that I am comfortable leaving Jag 2 in the hands of Garibay.
Now onto the awesome week Sister Garibay and I had! So we've always had a rough time together but we FINALLY worked all things out! And that was perfect because our week was just amazing! We got 6 new investigators and we finally reached the Standard of Excellence for lessons for non-members. We worked super hard with a few young men to get them back into the church and get them excited to go on a mission!! Of the 3, one talked about making goals to start preparing and the other 2 are a bit slower, but that’s cool. Because one is finally doing his daily prayers and the other one is slowly reading the Book of Mormon!! We then had 1 awesome day with 2 Irmãs...and got to meet new people with them...they even enjoyed going out with us!! We decided to start getting the Irmã we have lunch with to go out with us after we eat because it’s so hot out and they have cars! Ha!
Speaking of heat...its crazy hot here!! You sweat so much that by the end of the night you are soaked in sweat. And it’s even hot in the house at night...And they say it’s going get hotter in the next month!!
For some reason I had a crazy craving for pizza and we told Irmã Beatiane about it so she went and bought me a pizza...and yes I ate almost all of it! And then she told me my shoes where ugly and needed to be shined so she made me take them off and she shined them for me! Her son is the less active talking about serving a mission. I seriously love her!
I’m going to miss this place like crazy...but hey we are disciples of Christ and just like him we can’t stay for long in one area! (there’s a scripture that says that but at the moment I can’t remember it...ha)
Well, Jag treated me well; and now it’s time to see more of Campinas!
Te amo!!
Sister Robyn Perez
Saying goodbye to my comp! (last morning in Jaguariuna)

My last dinner in Jag

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