Monday, October 6, 2014

Half-way --- 9 months

OK, when you first start your mission, you feel like you will never reach 9 months...and look where I am! I can’t believe I’ve hit the half-way point. It’s sorta sad, because as you truly get lost in the work you never want to stop being a missionary! It’s also a good wake-up call that you only have 9 more months left so you better "do it, do it right, and do it right now" as my mommy would say. These next months are going to be some of the best!
I hope you all loved conference! It was so good, so powerful, and so uplifting! I think the theme, according to me, was going back to the basics. The importance of scripture study, prayer, and church attendance, which was also cool, because all of the training we have been receiving has been on the basics também. Just like Mosias 13, when Abinadi goes back to the basics and talks about the 10 mandamentos. Just goes to show that we can NEVER forget the small and simple things! And it is by the small and simple things that we are made into stronger discípulos de cristo. Oh I loved, loved, loved the talk by Elder Godoy! Loved when he asked, "are we living on the pathway that will lead us to receiving all of the blessings promised in my patriarchal blessing? If not, we need to repent and realign ourselves" It was like are we doing everything possible to receive all those wonderful, promised não...check yourself! I can’t wait to go back and read all these talks!
Well, meu povo, hope you are staying strong in the ways of the gospel! Keep on keeping on and be bold and share this maravilhosa gospel com tudo mundo! It would just be selfish if we all just kept these blessings to ourselves!
Te amo muitos!!!!
Sister Perez

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