Monday, October 20, 2014

Novo Horizante, Jundiaí

Well the beginning of this transfer was a huge adventure.....when Bishop came to pick Sister Moura and I up, we didn’t have enough room in the car for my I only brought one...and it was the wrong one to bring! Then I found out I was going to Zona Jundiaí and that my comp would meet me in the Rodoviaria there. It was all good getting there and meeting my new comp, Sister Rotela. She just finished her training and she is super chill! She is from Paraguay! I’m also in the dreaded house to live in......I live with 5 other sisters!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah it’s a party every night, well, not really, but you know what I mean! How we all take showers in a short period of time in the morning is a miracle! I have no clue what the name of the ward is that I’m in...but, there are 4 of us sisters that work this ward...the other two work in the other ward. Oh man, our chapel is HUGE! I’ve never seen a chapel this big in my life! We don’t live in centro like in Jag, but our town has just about everything. But the Centro here in Jundiaí is like Campinas! Ha, ha! I feel like I’ve been in a small town for too long! Ha! Our area is pretty’s sorta country and only one neighborhood is close enough to walk too. We also have a few investigators...but I really don’t know them that well yet. Our zone is crazy! We are the funnest and busiest zone....that’s what they say! So yeah, IM real happy to be here!!
One day this week we went out and knocked on some doors....every door we entered we came out with a new investigator! Seriously the best day ever! It was seriously a miracle!
For those who didn’t see the video, I also ate a coconut’s this little guy that crawls into the mini (it’s seriously a small coconut) coconut and eats all the coconut meat. Then you break it open and eat him...he has the flavor of a coconut! It’s actually pretty delish! hahaha! Yeah, the crazy things you do on a mission....
Last night (when our power was out) I was reading in Alma 17 and 18 (Book of Mormon). Wow, Ammon is a crazy sick missionary! The king wants to reward him and he is all like no....I want to be your servant. SO he becomes King Lamoni´s servant. And then the whole thing with the flocks and chopping arms happens and the king is just mind blown and wants to talk to him. Then, again the king is taken aback because Ammon is still doing his job and getting the horses ready. Then he tries to talk to Ammon and he can’t say anything for a while. But then it gets good because Ammon, who clearly has the spirit with him, starts discerning the king’s thoughts. Ammon goes on to ask awesome purposeful questions (what we talked about in Zone meeting) and then he teaches he king the gospel. What is the lesson learned here.....Well in order to be a good missionary, you need to serve! Then you need to be humble and do everything the Lord asks you to do....then you need to always have the spirit with you and you will be successful. That’s just a bit of my studies!
WELL until next week!!!
Te amo
Sister Perez!
My new comp, Sister Rotela

All the sisters I now live with

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