Monday, November 3, 2014

My First Americana companion who is Mexican....

Wow, what a crazy week! My comp, Sister Rotela, got emergency transferred and then I got Sister Acevedo, a proud Texan! I actually really love her and we are always laughing...all the time! This week was a bit of hit and miss, just because I had only been in this area for 2 weeks and didn’t really know where things are or who people are. So it was a learning process with Acevedo!
Sunday was the best!! I was just so happy to go to church and I just knew a milagre would happen....sure enough Maria and Ciço showed up at about being puntual! And then it was fast and testimony meeting so that was just perfect! They seemed comfortable and Maria even sang the hymns! And they knew people too!!! In the end they ended up giving a ride to a recent convert! And they marked a date for us to go and visit them!! I love them!!
So on to some of my studies. I started the Book of Mormon again. And every Monday I read just 1 chapter. This morning I read Chapter 2, and this is actually one of my favorite chapters because it’s such a great example of truly and faithfully following the Lord. Leí was being asked to leave everything behind and only take his family into the wilderness. He didn’t even question the Lord as to why he has to do such a hard task, he humbly obedeceu o Senhor. He and his family were clearly a wealthy family and then they suffered and had to live in the desert and live in tents. That’s a drastic change. Then after 3 days of traveling they stop to build an altar and give an offering and give thanks...GIVE THANKS?! Yeah, that’s a perfect example of having an attitude de gratidão in your trials. It’s sad because his 2 older sons, Lamã e Lemuel are being such little brats and wanting to go back to their lux life. Néfi prays to know that the words his father is speaking are true because he doesn’t want to be like his brothers. The Lord tells Néfi "bendito és tu, por causa de tua fé....e sue humildade de coração....eventualmente, se você guardares meus mandamentos, prosperarás e serás conduzido a uma terra (uma benção) de promissão (translation: blessed are you Nephi and if you continue being obedient you will prosper and be led to a promised land). That’s clearly a blessing/promise to anyone who faithfully keeps the commandments! Then my other favorite part in verses 9 and 10 where Leí tells his bratty sons to be like a rio, continuamente correndo para a fonte de toda retidão and um vale, firme, constante e imutável em guardar os mandaments do senhor (translation: Lehi hopes they will be like a river ever flowing constant like a fount of righteousness). Of course we can liken all the chapters in the Book of Mormon to us...but I seriously love this chapter soooooo much because it’s one of the easier ones to relate to our lives.
I’m so, so, so happy! I love sharing the gospel and getting put into awkward situations just to tell people about our message! (those awkward moments happen often with Sister Acevedo and I).
Meu povo! Be bold and share the gospel with everyone you meet! They deserve to have the same happiness and safety we have!
Te amo muito!

I'm finally taller than my comp!


We have the same last name...ha no I just forgot my tag

It is getting too hot! Had to cut the locks

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