Monday, November 24, 2014

Peace Out Novo Horizonte

Well out of the 6 sisters in my house 4 of us are getting transferred! And I don’t know where I will be going until tomorrow!! Oh the suspense!
This week was really good. We just worked super hard and had lots of fun! We had our interviews with Presidente too. Sister Ace and I were getting tired of making contacts and so we started making a game to make contacts fun. Each day we had to look for a certain type of person or a color of roupas. For example, one day we made a deal with whoever talked to more grumpy old men would win some ice cream! That day we pretty much ran after old guys and we were just hoping they’d be grumpy, but a most were nice!
Then Presidente Costa came to our stake conference…and that was awesome!! He was so cool!! Both of his talks that he gave were about missionary work and how it’s not just the full time missionary’s job to go out and find people to teach. That it’s also the members job...and if they leave us out to dry, they are not keeping their baptismal covenants. Yeah that was a burn. Then to show them how easy it is to talk to people about the gospel he sent my mission Presidente and the stake Presidente out to make contacts for 15 minutes!! When they came back they shared their experience. They talked with 4 people and marked a return visit! Presidente Costa was like "see people it’s not that hard to open your mouth!!! Open it already!!" It was so good. The whole conference was about sharing the gospel and helping us missionaries.
Sorry guys I had a ton of things to say...but I already packed my study journal. This email is super dry...and my mom will probably get on to me for this...ha, ha
But open your mouths and share the Good Tidings of this wonderful Gospel!!
TE AMO! E HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I’m grateful for all you guys!!!
Sister Perez

President Perrotti

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