Monday, November 10, 2014

Milagres São Reais!

First off, it finally rained! And that was much needed! We walked in wet shoes for like 3 days. (yeah mom I gave a few of my other shoes away so I really have only 1 pair that I like to use) But sadly the rain didn’t last long.
OK for the Biggest bestest thing that happened this week. We have been working with Luana and Ana Julia well, since I got here...but the sisters before us had been working with her for 7 months. They baptized her husband, but she was a bit more tough. So this week we were like ok, we need to do everything possible to help her. The first night we went over we had nothing planned and we just randomly talked to her and then we asked if she had prayed about baptism. She said that she made a deal with Heavenly Father and that if she didn’t get her answer by Saturday, this wasn’t for her. Yeah talk about stressful! But then we went back and randomly talked about Jacob 5...the next day we randomly talked about Alma this time she was like changing...and she was always smiling. It was weird. Then after the Alma 32 lesson we asked her how she feels about everything and she said that she thinks she’ll get an answer on Saturday. That was a relief. But then on Friday we did a fast for her that she would be able to receive the answer she wants. Then we went back Friday night, talked a bit and then once again randomly talked about Peter (when he walked on the sea) and we asked her where she thought she was. In the boat, out of the boat but one hand still holding on, or already walking towards Jesus. Then we left. OK, finally Saturday rolled around and I was nervous out of my mind! But when we showed up to her house at 8:30pm she was SMILING SO BIG! But even though we were dying to know if she got her answer, we waited....and waited....and waited until 9. And then she told us that she wants to be baptized!!!!! My heart just about exploded! And then we ran home!!! Yeah Sister Ace and I are so happy! And we learned that you can’t force someone to be baptized and you must work at their own pace! And that the spirit is so important because there was nothing random about all the things we shared with her!
Things are looking good here in Novo!
Te amo!
Sister Perez

The whole Zone 

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