Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The crazy holiday season....and my birthday

I have 10 minutes to write, because this lan-house closes at 1:00.
ITS A HOLIDAY TODAY.........again...........there are many here in Brazil
This week was incredible!
We are the best of friends, Sister Mitchell and I. It is wonderful to work together.
We grabbed a bus today, and ended up taking a 1.5 hour long tour around Campinas and to the out skirts. The bus stopped abruptly, and the bus driver asked where we were going. We told him where we "thought" we were going, and he motioned for us to grab another bus, which took us All the way back to the center.....yeah we are never gonna try a new rout...ha, ha
We baptized Evans!!!! It was awesome...we wanted to wait till next week because of all the things going on in the stake and people being too busy...but he told us that he didn’t want to wait and so we said ok. So 8 am on Sunday he was baptized by a recent convert! Oh it was beautiful! He was so happy! And he was so spiritually prepared!
Well my birthday was this Monday! And we ended up really, what better way to celebrate your birthday?!?! In the morning Sister Mitchell woke me up with my present...a knitted yellow sweater (that I just loved) and some awesome crazy printed leggings!!! Then we went for a run and the she made me French toast! Then we worked!
The last week was such an awesome week...I honestly don’t remember much, but we had 28 lessons!! We just wanted to go big before Sister Mitchell goes home....
So, what have I learned being with Sister Mitchell, a dying missionary (not literally, just going home), a whole lot of things! For one, the spirit is super important in this work, and if you and your comp don’t have the same vision...good luck! And just because you are dying (going home) doesn’t mean you have to be trunky (home sick)...literally; it’s all about working till your last day! And it’s not about what you want to’s about what the Lord wants you to do. Seriously she is an awesome missionary. And I’m so sad that I can’t have a whole 6 weeks with her. But in these past 4 weeks, I have totally forgotten about myself and literally lost myself in the work. Something really cool...I feel like my time with her was like a check point for my mission...and as of right now I can honestly say that the Lord has accepted my work up to this point.
Oh, so today was our festa de natal! It was soooo fun and wow there are a ton of missionaries in this mission. Like when we sang the opening hymn it was sooooo powerful! ha....all the zones performed a Christmas song...we had a pretty cool one...and then we had lunch...and then we sang for Santa, Sister Mitchell, Elder Calk, and I...I’ll try to send that video.....we got all our boxes...and we (every missionary) got a fruit cake...yay! …ha, ha
But time is up and we need to start packing Sister Mitchell’s bags...she leaves tomorrow!!!!
Thanks for the Birthday emails!! Te amo
Sister Perez...who has 21 years of age!!

Evans baptism!

I've never eaten so much pizza till I got to this area! #freepizza

our planning outfits

this is one ugly skirt...never wore it again!

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