Monday, December 1, 2014


Yes right now my life is totalment complete (totally complete)! Porque im (because I’m) in a temple zone! My new area is Planalto, which is in the Flamboyant Zone, and I’m already best friends with my comp Sister Mitchell!! And yes she is another Americana! And I’m the missionary who will be killing her (not literally, mission jargon for last companion before the missionary goes home)....she goes home December 18...but we don’t talk about that much. And the ward is awesome...and this area is really, really blessed! I mean what more could a little brown (yes, she’s getting very tanned) missionary want?!?! Ok beside more sleep...nothing...because things are just amazing!
Let’s start with a little intro of Sister Mitchell! Well…she knows Riley Carter (Riley is from Memphis and is also on a mission in another part of Brazil; what a small Mormon world) because she went to BYU Provo (my mom’s dream school for me) and she’s a runner, artist, singer, and a goof just like me! I’m Pretty sure she is my spirit. And from day one we hit it off super-duper well!! We definitely have the same desejos (desires) and vision, and because of that we are able to teach together so effortlessly. Seriously! I love this sister!!
So let’s talk about the milagres (miracles) that we have been seeing. But before that, there is an Elder Holland talk about missionary work and the Atonement. He says that this gospel is the best thing we have on this earth...and with the happiness it brings why aren’t people coming to us wanting to be baptized?! Ok, well keep that in mind as you read the next few parts!!!
Our focus this week was to find new people to of course we talk with everyone and we try to hit up all our referências (referrals). One day we were walking to go knock some doors and there was a girl just standing by a big green door. Before we even talked to her she asked "are you Jehovah Witnesses?" We then told her who we were (Missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...booyah) and she asked if we shared any sort of message...yeah we share a message...a message of eternal salvation! Then she told us she wanted to hear it and she took us to her house...AND WE TAUGHT HER!!!!! I remember just looking at Sister Mitchell and thinking 'is this real life.....did this girl just invite us to teach her...woahhhhhh' but yes ladies and gents it was real life and her name is Iltany!!!
Ask any missionary how many times they were let into the condomínio (condominium complex) of their referência (referral)...and they will probably tell you "not often". Well this referênica was such an eleito (elect) that we got to enter his condomínio and boy was he so happy to see us!!! We ended up teaching him in the lobby, but during the whole lesson he just had the happiest little smile, and he was just so ready to find answers and start on this path! He also knew a lot about the church and it wasn’t any of the bad was all the good things...or better said all the TRUE things. And this milagres (miracle’s) name is Eduardo!
We are also teaching a guy from Haiti!!! His name is Evans and like us, he doesn’t speak perfect Portuguese! And he has such a sweet and pure spirit!! He always asks us really good questions (like the ones you have to study for or ask Daddy Perez and then answer him) and he is really seeing the blessings of the Gospel! Oh...and he is teaching us French! Sister Mitchell and I can say I’m a missionary and that I’m hungry in French now!! I love teaching him!!!
And our last milagre: Rodrigo. I’ve never worked so hard during a lesson. I don’t think I’ve ever prayed so much during one either...but it paid off. Why? Because the spirit was so strong, and Rodrigo was changed during that lesson. I’ve never felt so happy. At the end of this amazing lesson, Rodrigo accepted the convite (invite) to be baptized! And I can’t wait to teach him again...with that same spirit!
All these milagres are proof that you cannot do this work without the Spirit, without the same desejos (desires) that your comp has, without the same vision, and without união (unity). If you don’t have those things, yes, you´ll still get things done...but it won’t be so won’t be the way the Lord wants it to be. AHHHHH I’ve never been just so happy on my’s seriously the best thing. And I’m so blessed to have Sister Mitchell as my comp!
On another bright side I think we ran/walked 17 miles trying to get to all of our appointments! Ha, it was awesome!!!
Being a missionary is the best job in the whole wide world!!!!
Te amo Sister Perez

 And since it is that time of year...

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