Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sister Bright Side

I’m not going to lie, this week was just sad. Sister Figgy was really sick this week and we barely went out. Then she went and talked to Presidente and he told her that she was going home on Saturday! Ughhhh...yes I cried! Then Diego and Vivian dropped us. Vivian’s family told them all sorts of crazy things about the church and it scared her....It was like everything that could’ve gone wrong, went wrong. So with all these things happening, I just got super down...and turned into one of Nephi's brothers and murmured a bit. But as I tried finding the brighter side, I had this super strong desire to talk with my Heavenly Father. I remember feeling how I just needed to feel like he was there listening and that maybe somehow, if possible, I could feel his arms around me. Finally one night I went to the room where we keep our clothes and just knelt down and looked up at the night sky. That’s when the tears just started coming and I couldn’t hold anything back and I told Him everything that I was feeling. I think I stayed there for about an hour just talking to Heavenly Father. And the two things that I so badly needed, I felt. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us a lot. We are his children and he wants to know what is happening to us all the time. He is always there to hear us and help us. He is just waiting for us to start the conversation.
It was hard seeing Sister Figueredo go home, but I felt the peace I needed that she would be ok. My new comp, Sister Carranza, and I went back to Vivian's. We bore our testimonies for her, and the Spirit was there. She felt it, and she said she would pray to know the truth.
Sometimes we have to go through dark paths to be grateful for the bright sides. And we have dark sides to see that we need our Father in Heaven.
Don’t forget to talk to your Father in Heaven. He's there, waiting.
Com amor,
Sister Perez
P.S. We went to the temple today!!! It was sooooo beautiful!

love is blind...haha

Saying goodbye to Figgy

My new comp..Sister Carranza

We were one united district

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