Monday, February 2, 2015

Sorry...we don’t eat gluten...

I’m just sitting here and trying to think about what happened this week...but nothing is coming to mind...hmmmmmm
Oh yeah! This week when we went to visit Diego and Vivian, Diego told us "Oh, we just want to let you guys know that we have decided that we are going to attend your church".....I think we just sat there thinking about what he just said for like 3 minutes...and then we invited them to officially be members by being baptized and Diego just kept nodding his head and they both accepted a date!!! Seriously, guys, they are my favorites!!!
I really don’t remember much; just that we worked a ton...
Sister Figgy went to the doctors...and we told him that we think it’s a problem with gluten. He said could be but she would have to do more tests to find out. So, in about 2 weeks...we think...she will be going home to take all these tests and then she will be coming back...we hope. But seriously we cut all gluten and she hasn’t had any pain!!!! But we are eating a ton of meat, salad, and fruit and that doesn’t fill you up that much...And of course I’m eating like her...she is my comp and I won’t let her be hungry alone!!
I was thinking about how we have such great potencial....but because we try to be independent we don’t reach our true potentical. We forget that we having a loving Heavenly father who wants to help us and guide us...but we have to let him. For example, my plan had always been to finish college and then go on a mission. This was a good, righteous plan...but I forgot to check with my Heavenly Father if it was the plan I should take. I was probably still going to reach my potential, but maybe at a slower pace. Then my dad told me to think about a change to my plans, pray and ask God about a mission now. So, look at me now...I’m on the fast track to reaching my true potential. We are so blessed to have this knowledge that we are Children of God. That one day we can be like him. But to be like him, we have to get outside of our boxes and we have to be humble enough to rely on and get approval from our Heavenly Father.
Take care and be strong meu povo!!!
Com amor,
Sister Perez
When life gives you coconuts...spend like 30 minutes trying to open them with a dull knife 

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