Monday, February 16, 2015

Sister Perez vaiiiiiii.......Ficar!!!!

Last week was the last week of the transfer...and we worked like there was no tomorrow!! And then we realized that it was the start of Carnival and no one was home. Mas tudo bem! We also ate like there was no tomorrow yesterday, as we stopped by all the members. We went to a noite familiar and they made chili!!!!! wow it was sooooo good and reminded me so much of home!!! And then at 6:30, which is super early, we got the transfer call. (at this members house) and it went like this "Sister Gonzalez vai embora com Sister Pontes e Carranza. Sister Perez ficou (stayed)" I was so happy I stayed...but then I got a little nervous because 2 new duplas (pairs) were gonna come into the house. But then we got a call and they said that the transfers were wrong....heart dropped...but the glitch was that Sister Carranza went back to her old ward and stayed with me in the house!!! And tomorrow I will pick up my new comp!
We kept trying with Diego and Vivian. I wasn’t going to give up this fight. And every time we went back it was more doubts and more questions. How did we answer her questions...the only thing I can say is that it was totalmente by the Spirit! But no matter how hard we tried...nothing changed. Finally on Saturday we called to see if we could do a noite familiar and she said no...and that they don’t want to continue....uhhhh my heart just broke! Why!!! They felt the spirit! They had received answers!!!! They accepted baptism!!! It’s sad...but maybe right now isn’t their time. But one day, they will be wearing white!!!!
The area book is gold...sometimes...but a while back Figgy and I found a teaching record of a guy who seemed super eleito...but it was missing the address. Finally, last Monday I took it to the office and gave it to Elder Lee (he was one of the Elders who found this guy) and after a day he got us an address!!!! When we went to visit this kid, Rafael, he wasn’t home. Then one day we were in the bairro and we saw him leaving his what did we after him and marked for the next day!! When we went back we did a little get to know and then invited him to baptism and to church!! He said yes to both...but he didn’t go to church!!! Its ok...we will get him this week!!
I can’t believe that I am already in Alma 37! But the Book of Mormon just keeps getting better and better!! This chapter is just a father reminding his son about their ancestors and what to do to receive mais blessings. I just love the part where Alma starts to talk about the Liahona and how by faith it worked. We have our own Liahonas, the scriptures, the words of modern day profetas, and our benção patriarcal (Patriarchal Blessing). When we read or listen with faith, we will be guided in our life. They will help us with spiritual things as well as temporal things. However, like in verse 46, we cannot be slothful and just sit on our bums after we look at our Liahonas...we MUST act! And if we act de acordo com nossa Liahona, we will be guided by the Spirit into our promised land!! (Alma 37:38-47)
Well, I love each and every one of you!
Com Amor,
Sister Perez
In case you ever wondered how missionaries celebrate Carnival...this is how!

just doing my thang on the ukulele!

When you're all out of money for do what ya gotta do! #guavapicking

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