Monday, March 2, 2015

"I Throw Glitter When I'm _____"

I gave Sister Aquino glitter to throw whenever she’s sad or thinks negative thoughts! It worked and it was funny because glitter gets everywhere and stays forever!
We sang at our YW New Beginnings. Sister Aquino played the guitar and me the ukulele! It was a hit! Ha, ha
So about every Tuesday I get a letter from my dad. I have to say I read them like talks...and in most of them he breaks my legs... (quebrar minhas pernas). But He does it because he loves me. Em fim, I want to share the latest letter with meu povo hoje! He talked about how our hard times or sacrifices bring forth the blessings of Heaven. We all know that the gospel is here to bring us happiness and save us...but WE complicate things and let the stuff on the outside affect us instead of remembering about what the gospel teaches us. When we pass through a rough patch it isn’t the time to give up, but to fight with all the faith that we have. And when we fight with this faith...that’s when we see the miracles!
Then he went on to explain a few cycles we fall into as imperfect humans.
1st- Weakness Process = you have a bad moment and let your faith weaken a little, so each subsequent trial seems bigger because your faith gets smaller.
2nd- Complacency Process = you start feeling too comfortable and secure in your surroundings and it’s easy to become complacent versus driven in preaching/living the gospel. It’s just like exercise, you are not going to grow and see incredible results, if your workout becomes routine so that you can do it with no thought at all. If you are not pushing your body to the higher performance levels, you won’t see the physical transformation that seems miraculous. That is why missionaries get transferred (or members go through challenges): complacency is just as damaging as weakness in faith. They slow down the work of the Lord.
These are things that happen to us without notice...but if we are constantly reading the Book of Mormon, we will notice the beginnings of our fall before it happens. We don’t have hard times, we just have weakness or complacency of our faith.
This week, I'd like to invite you to read D&C 121 and then this talk;…/…/where-is-the-pavilion…
I love all you guys!! Stay strong and be bold and share the Gospel!!
Com Amor,
Sister Perez

Yes I cut it again

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