Monday, March 23, 2015

That Moment You Become Popular in the Favela!

This week was good. We found a few people that have lots of potencial!
Diego e Vivian, accepted a baptism date!! And they went to the Stake Conference! And they liked it!!
So, since it has been raining a ton here, things have gotten a bit muddy! And one day we were walking into the favela (poorer area) and I stepped in some mud and ALMOST slipped. There were some drunk guys on the other side of the road and I figured they didn’t see anything...oh, but they did!! And they will never leave me in peace! Because when we walked into the neighborhood, one walked up behind us and said to some other people..."she almost fell today!" pointing at me....we walked into a house...and when we came out he was still there and announced to everyone that I almost slipped in the mud...again. We figured that after a day he would forget...NOPE!! Since that day until now, every time he sees us he yells, “Be careful not to slip" and I’m now known as the sister who almost slipped in this favela.....
But that’s not all!!! The other day Sister Aquino and I were walking and not having much we started singing...I was joking around and rapping and trying to beatbox and then I just busted out belting the next few lines of a song....and then I saw that there was a man at the door of some car repair shop...he started laughing and then says "boa tarde" (good afternoon) and I just looked down on the ground and quietly said "boa tarde"....When we got out of sight Aquino just dies laughing at me and well...I no longer sing when we are out and about...ha, ha
There is nothing I love more (and I love a lot of things) than when a recent convert fully embraces this gospel!! Like Lea who paid her tithing the same day she was confirmed a member or Irmão Allan, who when he gets a task to do he does it perfectly. This week he was asked to help with the parking at our stake conference and was told to be there at 8 a.m. and he got there 30 minutes before and was literally the first person at the stake center!! He told me when you have a job to do you need to do it right!! Allan reminded me of the scripture in D&C 121:34 "Many are called; but few are chosen" He was "called" to be baptized, and he accepted. And now that he is a member he has been "called" again to give all of his time, talents, efforts, and heart to this gospel...and for this he has been chosen and is one of the few members who really understands his role in this church, or the kingdom of God here on earth. He only has 4 months of membership and he was able to grasp this concept so easily when it takes others a life time to understand. There are tons of members...but how many of them really understand their role in the Kingdom of many of them are willing to give their all for this gospel and receive endless blessings. Not many and por isso, only a few are actually chosen.
So let’s make sure we are not only the ones called, but chosen too!
Com amor!
Sister Perez
It always just starts with 2...

And then somehow we became 3..with a little more paint

And it always ends with a bigger mess than it started with

Free hair cuts anyone?

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