Monday, March 30, 2015

Ele Vive!

Well, another transfer has come and gone...and I’m the one left to pack my bags!!!! Where I will be going...I don’t know yet...I’ll find out tomorrow! But I can honestly say that this was a growing transfer. And I am not the same Sister Perez agora that I was when I started 6 weeks ago. Heavenly Father heard and answered my prayer of having a chance to grow. Just another thing that proves He is our loving Heavenly Father.
A lot of amazing things happened this week. We started teaching Lea's brother!! And he wants us to teach the whole family! The best part was when she bore her testimony about her baptism! We took Vivian and Diego to the temple this week...She still has a lot of questions...but one day, soon, they will be baptized! I went on splits with the Sister training leader....poor kid, I made her walk our whole all looked a lot closer on the map...ha, ha! And we had about 4 investigators at church! This area is blooming again!!!
We got stopped by a family of JW this week and I gave them a card to the new video clip the Church put out for Easter. Then we told them how Easter was the time for us to remember that Christ was resurrected on the third day and that He lives. Well, that opened up a can of stinky worms with them and he went on to explain what the true meaning of Easter is. I am just so happy that I am a member of the true and living church of Jesus Christ! And that we have the revelations, power of God, and all the truth. Not only during this time, but always should we remember that Christ lives...and through him we can be perfected.
Go and watch this video...and then share it with EVERYONE!
com amor!
Sister Perez
This family will go inside someday to be sealed! I know it!!

I'm on my LAST 12 weeks of my mission

Just keep calm!

Waiting for the transfer call can make you go crazy

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