Monday, April 6, 2015

1 word 5 letters....HILLS!

I am now in the beautiful area of Valinhos, Bela Vista! And this place is full of hills....
But it’ll be ok! I survived my first week. My new comp is a little gaucha do sul, Sister Bastos. She has only been out for 5 months...but she’s got a heart of an old timer (on the mission). We have to take the bus everyday to get to our bairros...and the area is huge! We also share the ward with 1 dupla de elders! It reminds me of my first area in the States! I haven’t gotten to meet the members yet because of General Conference...but that’s ok, the ones that I have met seem super cool.
So, I hoped you all watched General Conference. It was really good. And trunky for all missionaries. But a few of the talks reminded me a lot of the last few chapters in Alma. Captain Moroni is trying really hard to protect his people and protect his beliefs and he gets upset when people don’t take him seriously. But like the Book of Mormon tells us, we must defend our beliefs. We must defend our God. In these last days it won’t be easy, because all that is wrong in the eyes of God are right in the eyes of men (calling evil good and good evil). But as we stay faithful we will be able to vencer (defeat) our enemies!
Last week I got an email from my old comp Sister Mitchell. She told me about this peace that will come after we leave an area or go home and how this peace is a confirmation that we did our part and our work was accepted by the Lord. When I got the call that I was being transferred and as I was packing my bags, I kept searching for this feeling of sadness. But no matter how hard I tried I just felt peace! As I left the next morning...nothing of sadness...only peace. So much peace I just wanted to cry (happy tears) because my work was done in Planalto and the Savior was happy with all the work I had done to help that ward. When someone asked me how I felt about almost being done with my mission, I told them I’m ready to go home in June, but I still know that I have a lot of work to do. They asked if I felt like I needed more time and I confidently said 'nope'.
I know that as we give our all...all the time...we will get these spiritual confirmations that our work was accepted by the Lord.
Com amor,
Sister Perez
So hard to say goodbye to my family!

My new comp...Sister Bastos

Yeah this church building is so nice!

General Conference time!

If this isn't trunky I dont know what is....where can I get some of these for my wedding??

This little guy is just like me...speaks English and Portuguese...was born in California...and is just passing through Brazil for a while

The sisters of the house

The new district

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