Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sweet Summer Time

Here's a wrap up of my summer right before college...

Since this was my last summer as a non college kid, I decided to do some fun things and spend time with the people that mean the most to me! 

At the beginning of summer I went to girl's camp. Not as a camper, but as an adult leader!!! Talk about weird when the other ladies were calling me 'Sister Perez'! Its a lot different when your an adult there. You literally do NOTHING!!! I got a daily nap in, roamed around, or braided the campers' hair! I became known as the braid lady! Haha! I can't wait to go next year when my niece Angelena goes! 

Once I got back from camp, the unthinkable happened!! An accident happened to a family in the Spanish branch and we became legal guardians for their 6 kids! Talk about crazy!!! It was a bit hard but then I fell in love with the little guys! My mom and I weren't on our own though. Steven, my best guy friend, was at our house almost every day! Those kids LOVED steven! I mean LLLLOOOOVVVEEEDDD him! As soon as they'd wake up, they would ask when he was getting there. It was fun when we had them, and now that  they're back with their family I can't help but miss them.

All the excitment happened at the beginning, because for the rest of the summer I just worked as a hostess at the Melting Pot or babysat. I also started fitness kickboxing with my friend Caitlyn!!!! Its one of the best workouts ever!!! So don't mess with me....I'm dangerous! Hahaha! 

Like I said I wanted to spend time with my friends and family, and I'd like to think I kept to my word! Porter, Shelby, Foshee, Beth, Steven and I got together for a cookout. Steven, Emily, and I had a little mini cookout. Obviously us southerners love cooking out!! But thats not all we did! We did other stuff, which was good. Steven practically spent every day at the house! He's pretty much part of the family now! He's also Wren's new crush! Wrenie confessed it to her family in the car one day!! Isn't she funny!

I've got a confession!! I'm a Netflix addict!! My mommy and I started watching Lost! Let's just say once you start its hard to turn off the TV! We should be done before I go to college...or mommy has to wait for me to come home in December!

My summer isn't done, but that's all the excitement for now!

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