Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nebraska Weekend

This past weekend was filled with family fun! We drove 12 long hours up to Lincoln, Nebraska to see Annie, Dave, Linc, and the newest edition to their family, Oliver!! That's right, my mom and dad have 12 grandkids now! Crazy huh?!?! Oliver was born on July 10, 2012 at 12:51 P.M. He weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces, a lot smaller than his big bro! So that 12 hour drive was way worth it! I can't say I was completely excited to see all of Dave's family (I'm still a chipmunk remember?), but Ollie was getting blessed and I couldn't well wouldn't miss it for anything! When we finally arrived to Annie's house, it was already packed full with family. I was the first one up to the door and Dave's sister gave me the weirdest look..."Yes I know I have huge cheeks", was the first thought that came to mind! The first thing I told everyone was that I just got my wisdom teeth taken out the day before. Everyone compared my cheeks to Ollie's and we all had a good laugh! The next day we had a cookout at the park, and of course I couldn't eat anything! But I played some games and held some babies, so it was all good! Finally it was Sunday, the day we all went for. Ollie, of course, was a good boy during his blessing. I got to hold him for the rest of sacrament while he slept! For dinner, Dave grilled steaks! He was definitely taunting me! Everyone knows that I love steak, and I was dying not being able to eat it! But my genius mom had a genius idea! She blended up my steak! Yeah, it sounds kind of gross, but it still tasted great! My mom is the best! After dinner all of Dave's family left. Daddy, Annie, Dave, Linc, Ollie, and I all went for a walk to the Sunken Gardens. It was so pretty and the weather was great! I held Ollie in some baby carrying thing, and he fell asleep in the middle of our walk. Sadly, Monday had come and it was time for us to go back to Tennessee...boo!! But we spent all morning hanging out with Linc and Ollie! We got Linco a swing, and boy does he love it! I'm going to miss those boys a ton! Oliver is my 12th favorite nephew and I love that little guy! It was a great trip even if I did look like a chipmunk! Can't wait till I see Linco and Ollie again!

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