Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oh No!!!!!! My Wisdom Is All Gone!!!!!

Everyone goes through this... huge chipmunk cheeks, all doped up on pain medicine, and stuck eating nothing but liquids!

That time has finally come for me! I went into the oral surgeon this morning at 9 o'clock hungry and dying of thirst!! Why on earth would they make you starve and become dehydrated before getting all your wisdom taken away?!?! Ok, ok I'm over reacting, but seriously I was thirsty! Dr. Maroda talked with mommy and me right before I went in, explaining everything I should expect. Then I was taken to the room where they hooked me up to monitors and put the IV in. The lady started asking me why I choose BYUH and I remember telling her why. I could feel myself being pulled into some sleepy state and then BAM I stopped talking mid sentence and was out! When they woke me up I was holding a bag with my wisdom teeth thinking, "What the heck is this?!" and the nurse kept trying to get me to stand! I think I had a hard time walking. I probably looked like some drunk trying to walk a straight line! Haha! Finally I made it to the car and I kept talking... mommy had a hard time getting me to shut up! She took me to sonic, YAY, we got my favorite strawberry slush with EXTA strawberries and headed home. I think I yelled at the carhop to bring spoons... I can't really remember. Mommy also said I kept playing with my bottom lip and saying, "Its numb!!!" Before I passed out, again, I Skyped with Christie, Mikie, and Jaxon! They pretty much had a blast watching me try to talk! I had the hardest time saying 'P' and 'B' words! After we got done, I passed out and mommy switched my ice packs every 30 minutes. And oooh man, talk about a great nap!! I woke up to Zoli saying "hey" over and over again. He was so cute saying "hurt" and pointing to my chubby, numb cheeks! Z got some gauze and put it to his cheek, because he was hurt too! I'm still hungry,boo, but my thirst has been satisfied with my slush! Right now I'm just waiting for Steven and Porter to stop by with more sonic slushies! I'm finally that chipmunk that's super high on pain meds, but I'm in sonic slushy heaven!! Its a win win!