Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm so getting old!!

The 2012-2013 school year has some huge milestone for a few of us Perez kids!

Wrenie went into kindergarten! Angelena is in the 6th grade!! Mikie is starting his freshman year of high school TOMORROW!!! And for me, I'll be chillin' in Hawaii, oh and going to college, of course!!!! It is so crazy to see all my nieces and nephews grow up so fast! I'm not going to lie it makes me want to cry! Especially when I think about my baby Mikie going to high school!! 

I remember when he was just a new born! He was so cute, chubby, and loving! I used to tell him he was my brother. But that is what our relationship was. I was his big sis, and he was my little brother. Yeah, I am his aunt, but I doubt any aunt is this close to her nephew. Yep, we were best buds for the first three years of his life. Sadly, Mommy, Daddy, and I had to move to Tennessee, and I was forced to leave my best bud! Heart broken? Yes, I was. But, Mikie came to visit us a lot, and that made up for the distance. I have so many good memories of that little kid! Like the one where he, out of no where, walked into the bathroom to see my sisters, Mommy, and me and said "Hi fregadas!" My mom and I honestly talk about that almost every day! I also remember when Mikie was visiting us in TN and he punched me right in the face! I was shocked, he was shocked, but I could never be mad at him for long! Good or bad, mostly good, I remember all our times together!

Today Mikie called to talk and get some high school advice from an ex-high schooler! I was more than happy give him the DL. So every freshman listen up and take notes: 

1. Try not to look like fresh meat! Most of the time, upper class men can smell a freshie from a mile away!
2. Whatever you do, DO NOT carry a huge backpack with all your supplies! You'll get a syllabus within the first week, so don't buy your stuff till you know what you'll need.
3. Try to fight the urge to take out your handy dandy map in public! It yells 'FRESHMAN!!!!!!!' 
4. While 3 says not to take out your map in public, feel free to pull it out in a class room or the bathroom. I recommend highlighting all your classes so you can better see where they are!
5. If you get lost, never ever ever ask a guy for directions! They are horribly mean and will more than likely send you in the opposite direction in which you need to go! Ask a girl or a teacher.
6. Last but not least, be you and don't let all the people in high school change you!

(I seriously think I could write a survival guide for high school! Haha I'm joking! I save my tips for family only!)

So, Mikie, I know you'll have a better than awesome freshman year! Not every freshman gets to start their morning with seminary, and then surfing (surfing is the way cooler part of your mornings)! Like number 6 says, be yourself! The best feeling you can get at the end of your senior year is knowing you made it all the way through high school with your true self in tact! Seminary will be so hard, and there will be days you want to sleep in, but don't, just go! You'll be able to notice how off your day is without seminary! It'll be your little spiritual boost for the day and help you face all the bad things you might go through during the day. I love you little guy! I'm glad I can be a freshman with you too!! Go Class of 2016!!

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  1. Awe what an awesome post. Mikie is lucky to have a great auntie like you! I love you Rob.