Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Big Hawaiian Adventure

Well the day has finally come and its time for me to leave for Hawaii. All I can say is that it is beyond bittersweet.

Sunday morning I cried and cried till I had to go to church. Daddy made a super delicious steak and chicken dinner. Michael, Lena, Angelena, Mia, Wren, and Zoli all came over. Oh, and of course Steven was there, like always. We had a good night together. I asked Angelena if she was going to miss me, and her reply was, “Hmmm…let me think about it.” Michael, Steven, and I just stared at her. I told her she could forget about a Christmas gift! When it was finally time for them to leave, I tried hard to hold back the tears. I’m going to miss them like crazy, but good thing we have a wonderful invention called Skpe, right?!

I woke up on Monday at 4:20 thinking ‘Oh geez…I’m leaving today…ugh…’ The whole time I was getting ready I was nervous, sad, anxious, scared, and excited all at once. It wasn’t long till I found myself sitting in the car with Mommy, Daddy, and Steven. The ride to the airport felt like eternity! I had to keep calming myself down, and I kept my eyes on the road. One look at Steven or Mom or Dad and I would become an emotional mess. We checked my TWO bags in and to Mommy’s surprise; both bags were less than 45 pounds! I must say I’m a great packer! Haha! I gave everyone a quick hug, took some pictures, and walked off.

My first flight was pretty empty…actually it was VERY empty! I had a whole row to myself and so did pretty much everyone else on the plane! When we landed in Dallas I had to take a train to get to my gate. I was so nervous and didn’t want to miss my stop. I thought I did and started panicking a little, but I ended up getting off at the right one! From there, finding my gate was easy peasy! Now I’m just sitting here, waiting, wondering if there are any other BYUH students on this flight, and crossing my fingers Daddy isn’t wearing a Hawaiian print shirt like most of the other men waiting to head over the Pacific to Hawaii where the unfashionable shirt will magically become fashionable! I guess I’ll update once I arrive in Hawaii!

I finally made to Hawaii! And it is so so so so so beautiful! But that 7 hour plane ride was not so wonderful! I sat by a nice lady and her baby. At first the little guy was good, then he started screaming and crying! The crying only lasted 30 minutes, but it seemed like he did that every other hour! Like always, I slept a good half of the flight. I couldn’t go back to sleep the last two hours! Those two hours crept on by! The anticipation of seeing Oahu literally killed me! When I could finally see the shore, all I could think was ‘Thank goodness I’m about to get off this plane!’ Once I turned my phone back on, I got about 30 texts from Mommy and Daddy informing me that they got delayed and won’t be getting to Hawaii till Tuesday! Yup that’s right! I will be alone my first night in Hawaii! So a little nervous, I got my bags, met the people to take me to the shuttle, and headed to my hotel. Everything went well until I got to the hotel. I didn’t have enough cash and I don’t have any money in my bank account! So, I can’t put the deposit down to get into my room! I can’t call Mom or Dad! All I could do was cry! Yes! I cried in front of a bunch of tourist! What else was I supposed to do?! As of right now, I’m sitting in the open air lobby typing and waiting for Daddy to call the hotel. Who knows I might have to camp out on the beach…

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