Tuesday, June 17, 2014

An Answer to My Prayers!!!

Week 23

Sister Robyn Perez in Campinas, Brazil

Received 06/16/14


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Sister Robyn A. Perez

C/O Brazil Campinas Mission 
Rua 10 de Setembro, N. 38, Cambui
13023 Campinas SP, 


This week doesneven compare to last week! 


I´ll have to start with my happenings on Monday. Since Sister Mota and Ware were getting transferred, Sister Pontes and I spent all day together. Over the past 5ish weeks we´ve become like best friends and when we are together we are crazy!! So we did the usual p-day stuff and then we went all out in decorating our apartment in blue, green and yellow. Then we painted our toe nails the same colors and then our finger nails had little Brazilian flags and soccer balls. You could say Sister Pontes and Pérez were more than ready for the Copa Mundial (soccer) to start!! 


Tuesday was transfer day! I got to see sister Dickson (Provo Mission Training Center companion)!! We talked for like an hour and then she told me that sister Mota is her new comp!!! Sadly I had to say goodbye to them and then I got my new compSister Becker! She’s from the same estado de (as) sister Mota, but she looks Americana. Jaguariúna is her last area (Ruben’ note: Well, we finally know the name of the city where Robyn is!!! Jaguariúna is a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. The population in 2012 was 53.311 and the area is 142.88 kmThis name comes from the Tupi language and means the land of the black Jaguars)...sI’m pretty much digging her hole to bury her. (Ruben’s note: This is typical missionary language and refers tthis being the end of Sister Becker’s mission and this will be her last area before going home. Robyn is the last companion she’ll have, so in essence Robyn is finishing her off.)  


So, since this is her last transfer...she is a POWER HOUSE!! But man was I so, so, so nervous when I picked her up! I had no clue what to do when we got back home or anything! For the past 4 weeks sister Mota did everything. Well when we got on our bus, I put my big girl saia (skirt) on and pretended like I knew what I had to do.


First thing, I had to call a few members to get us a carona (ride) from the Rodoviaria (bus terminal). That was scary...BUT I DID IT!! When we finally got home I was like "uhhh...so we can go grab lunch and then...." Sister Becker was like "you can take me out to meet some of your investigators" Oh yeah...that! I have no clue where any of them live!! AHHHHHH!!!! After we ate we (I) planned our day in Bairro (district) 12 de Setembro.


The only solid investigators I knew there are Alberto e Ariane. But I also had a ton of people we needed to contact. So we contacted people, and then went and saw Alberto e Ari. The last time we saw them Alberto wasmuito concerned because he just wasn’t certo with the gospel. But when we walked in and saw them he was like super happy to see us! Ari said "Sister Pérez, do you remember when you asked Alberto why he isn’t sure about the gospel, well he got his answer at stake conference." Alberto then went on to tell us that he knows this is the path that he and his wife need to be on!!!!! So I shared a scripture about batismo and THEY ARE ON DATE FOR NEXT SÁBADO!!!!! And the week after we are going on a templo trip with them!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah and Alberto´s brother is a member! So my first day was awesome with Sister Becker! But then planning happened and I about died!! We have like NO new investigators. So our plano do jogo is to work a ton with menos ativosand get to know the members since I pretty much only know two irmãs (sisters)....


Every other day this week has been super solid! We work, work, work and dont waste any time!! I feel like I’mback with Sister Johnson! Sister Becker also speaks pretty good English and when I don’t know a word I first attempt to describe it in Português and then if I cant, I ask in EnglishShe’s ALWAYS correcting me on mypronunciation which is good! She’s like the missionary you get whenever Presidente Perrotti wants you to speak like a Brazilian. In fact, he told her to "help sister Pérez with Portuguese,” sI’m glad I have her!


This week was also a huge step for me in talking. Normally I just listen at lunches and try not to talk too much to people. But I was talking at every lunch and at church I had like 10 conversations!!! Half were with little kids, but hey, I talked!!! Even Sister Pontes pointed it out!! It was just an awesome week!! 


Oh yeah, and for the games we have to stay in. The whole country literally shuts down!!!! But then the whole city goes wild when Brazil scores!!!!! Sister Pontes and I ran around our apartment with our little flag whenever Brasil scored!!! Tomorrow is another game!


My testimony of prayers has seriously grown! I know that my Pai Celestial is aware of me and that he wants the best for me. That’s why he gave me Sister Becker and is loosening my tongue to be able to talk to the people of Brazil! 


Gentes...te amo!!!!


P.S. Today I said "I não understand"....yeah my English is leaving me 








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