Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wouldn't trade this for the world

Week 20

Sister Robyn Perez in Campinas, Brazil

Received 05/26/14


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P-day (= weekly day off to do laundry, write home, explore local sites and just relax for half a day) was the most chill day I have ever had on my mission and I loved it!! 


Then the rest of the week was a little rough. I was so frustrated on Tuesday because I couldn’t understand anything! I couldn’t express myself, I couldn’t understand the people, and I was thinking, “How aI supposed to be a missionary right now!! So I just broke down in the middle of the street! And then I expressed everything I was feeling to Sister Mota and somehow I was able to say what I felt!, how could that be! Sister Mota was like, “you just told me everything! You can do that in a lesson!! So I pulled it together and then we went and had an awesome lesson with this lady, Nici! And I was able to talk about all the points in the first lesson. Granted it wasn’t awesome, but she understood me!


The next day I woke up with a killer migraine...and I ended up staying in bed all day till like 4 when I decided I wanted to go out. It ended up storming that night so we had to camp out in the church building. Sister Mota just called our investigators and I memorized irregular verbs. 


I’ve been doing contacts on my own lately! I can tell them how to get a free DVD about Christ and where the church is! I don’t really need Sister Mota by my side...but I like it when she is, just in case the people start really talking to me!  


Ok, so for the best experience I’ve had on my WHOLE MISSION. We went and saw a new investigator,Rosanne. We were teaching the Restoration and by Saturday I was getting pretty good at teaching it! So I started it...and then I ended up teaching about Joseph Smith. As I was saying the first vision, Rosanne started getting tears in her eyes! And you could already feel the spirit so strong! By the time I was about to finish I started tocry; because I got this overwhelming feeling that Joseph Smith really did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! And as I bore my testimony I knew that what I was saying was true. It was crazy, because that was all that I had, my testimony about Joseph Smith and I know she felt the spirit and I know that she knows that what I was saying is true. There’s a song that Sister Johnson and I would listen to, that talked about sharing your testimony in some strangers house and how the Spirit would testify that your words are true. For those few minutes in that lesson...I was living that song.


I know that this is the Lords gospel, and it is true. And being out here in another country is hard...but the Spirit can speak to everyone and let them know that the message we share is true. 


wouldn’t trade these past, almost 5, months for the world. 


te amo,

Sister Robyn Perez






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