Thursday, June 5, 2014


Week 21

Sister Robyn Perez in Campinas, Brazil

Received 06/02/14


Communicate with her:


Email at>


Or write using, letter service in Brazil for faster delivery!


Or write and mail via US Post Office:

Sister Robyn A. Perez

C/O Brazil Campinas Mission 
Rua 10 de Setembro, N. 38, Cambui
13023 Campinas SP, 



I’ve just been working really hard on my Portuguese and talking to everyone! This week we had 203 contacts...and Sister Mota made me do a lot of them. I’m always trying to talk to everyone. I still get really nervous about it, but now when they talk back to me I can sorta understand them!! 


We are trying to help our pesquisadores have a super strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. So Sister Mota and I have been doing a lot of studies on the Book of Mormon. I love the Book of Mormon and I know that if we can get our pesquisadores to really read and gain that testimony, they will want to be baptized. I read this super awesome talk by Elder Holland, Safety for the Soul, and I pretty much highlighted every part because it’sthat good! See talk at this link:


Something I’m working on is patience with myself. I just want to be able to speak Português flawlessly right now!! But I´ve only been here 1 month and I still have a lot to learn and work on. Sister Mota told me she knows I can be fluent in 2 months and she has a lot of confidence in me...I just need to have that confidence in myself. But hey, that’s why we are here to learn and grow!! 


Well, that’s all for this week...more to come next!


Te amo peeps! 

            D&C 4





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