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Sail Through!

Week 22

Sister Robyn Perez in CampinasBrazil

Received 06/09/14


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   First things first....this week was really good. Last week I was a little bummed and having a hard time...then I looked through my study journal and saw where I wrote something from Irmão Paulich... "Humildade eAtitude" According to him those two things will make or break your mission...and boy was he right! So Ichanged my attitude and decided that every day I was going to have humility and an Awesome day no matter what happened. I never dwelt on the things that were bad or went wrong...And well, I had a great week!! 


   Tuesday at our zone training Presidente Perrotti and the APs showed up. I got nervous because of course I wasgoing to have to talk to him and I don’t want him to think my Português is bad!! Well that day Sister Mota decided to be a mute....ughhhh!! But apparently I did pretty good. And then later on I had to do a role play with him!! It turned out to be a good zone training! After we got back we missed the bus to the centro, so we walked.....a ton....haha it was super-hot that day too! But it was all good. We taught this family of 4 the restoration later that night and it was so, so good! When we pulled out the Book of Mormon the daughter Michelle was like "I´ve seen that book before!! I´ve even looked through it!! And now I get one all for myself" I´ve never seen someone so excited to get a Book of Mormon! We invited them to Noite de Intregação and theypromised us they would be there!! 


The next day we went back to that neighborhood and went and tried to drop a few people. One wasn’t home, butAriane and Alberto where home. We told them that our purpose is to bring people unto Christ, but if they don’tkeep the commitments they aren’t doing their part. Ariane said she wants to keep having us over and that she will start coming to church and reading and praying. Alberto was a little "ehhhh" about it. So we gave them one last invitation to come to Noite de Intregação. They said they would be there, and man were our hearts hopeful! That day we also spent a ton of time looking for menos activos. A lot of them had moved away or weren’t home or didn’t want to go back to church. One lady was so happy that when we saw her she gave us a hug; you could just feel her happiness!! Another lady we saw was a really interesting experience. We batar palmas, her son told us to wait, we waited for 15 minutes before we batar palmas again...and then she finally came out. When sisterMota asked how she was she burst into tears! And then I didn’t understand the rest of what she said. Sister Mota did most of the talking and then at the end she looked at me and with a huge smile on my face I said Hoje nostemos Noite de Intregação e se você queria vir!" She looked at me like I was crazy and heartless....Sister Mota was trying not to laugh. She said thanks and we ended our chat and walked away. Then I asked Mota what just happened! Apparently her husband left her because she didn’t want him doing drugs and other stuff...yep, I totally did not catch ANY of that!! Haha Later that night we had 2 miracles! Michelle and her family AND Alberto e Ariane came to Noite de Intregação!!!! And they LOVED IT!!! Michelle´s dad said he felt super peaceful, and it’s not like other churches. Her mom asked us when we were coming back. And then Michelle said she had already read the chapter we left her with and she’s now starting from the beginning and she is writing stuff down in her study journal!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Sister Mota and I were so, so, so, so happy!! Ariane told us that they would be coming to Stake conference too!! It was a great night! 


We had two batismos (baptisms) this week! Beatiz e Vitor. They are the kids of super menos ativos (lessactives) and they have been coming to church on their own for 3 months!! They kept putting off their batismobecause they really wanted their dad to be able to perform the baptism for them but he never went to church. They´re uncle baptized them instead. It was awesome! They had a lot of youth there to support them and a lot of the ward is sure that their example will help reactivate their parents!! I’m sure they will be great examples to not only their parents, but everyone around them! I love them so, so much!


My sister training leader told me that she told Presidente Perrotti that I’m doing super good with the language and I know my area.....well........last night when we found out transfer news I about cried because Sister Mota is leaving....I don’t even know my AREAS all that well and minha nossa the language is another story!!!! UGHHH! But its ok!! I’m going to have an "I can do it" attitude. I don’t know who my new comp is yet...and Iwon’t find out until tomorrow at the Rodoviária in Campinas! I’m pumped for this new (and a little nerve-racking) adventure!!! 


So people...lesson learned this week: there is no reason to be sad or depressed or annoyed! You are the sailor of your own ship! So you can either sail through happy seas or stormy ones...your choose!


I love my life! I will keep my faith! And I will stay positive!


Te amo!!!


Sister Perez  










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