Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Exploding Toilets and Party Bots

Week 27

Sister Robyn Perez in Campinas, Brazil

Received 07/21/14 for 07/14/14


A lot of crazy things happened this week.... first off one day when we were walking out in the rain...I slipped off the side walk and twisted my ankle...I freaked out for like a few seconds and then we kept walking...we ended up going home to grab something before we went to lunch. Then I looked at my ankle and it was HUGE!!! So I taped it up and we went to lunch. Irmão Anderson gave me some spray to help the swelling and we ended up not working all day. By this time my ankle was hurting super bad and it looked like it was growing by the minute! So I said a quick little prayer and kept on icing it and keeping it elevated. The next morning it was purple and still swollen...but it didn’t hurt as bad. So I decided to work. The rest of the week I refused to stay home but once we got home I iced and elevated it. Heavenly Father really does look after us missionaries!Because although it’s a little swollen I’m still able to go out and do work! :)


So now that my mom is probably freaking out about the last story...here is something that will make all you guys laugh super-duper hard! On Sunday we went to eat lunch at Irmão Laura´s. I used their bathroom, which was supposed to be normal...First I asked for toilet paper...that’s always sorta weird. Then I flushed the toilet and it literally exploded!!!! Water just gushed out and didn’t stop for like  2 minutes....I just stood there with my mouth open wide as the bathroom flooded with water....haha I couldn’t move I was so shocked! After panicking for 5 minutes I went and got my companion, Sister Becker and she lost it and would not stop laughing at me! I made her tell Irmão Laura and she was like "oh, that’s normal.What the heck no!!!!!!! Haha,  yeah I was sooooooo embarrassed! And now I’m scared to use the bathroom anywhere other than my house!


don’t know why but some missionaries think that if you obey every single rule you are a robot and you don’t have fun. My comp pretty much called me a lame robot because I wanted to be more obedient. But then I explained to her that as we strive to be more obedient we will see more miracles and receive more blessings. When you follow all the commandments and all the rules of the mission...you are way happier! So I whipped out a few scriptures to get her to see my point of view and finally she came around...she now calls us "Party Robots" ha which is a good start. Our Scripture of this week is Mosiah 2:41 and we are going to try our hardest to follow every rule and commandment to be more worthy to receiveblessings and have the Spirit, and have more success! I know this week will be so, so awesome!!! :) 


Obedience is the key to happiness!!!! :)


te amo e fique obedientes 






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