Sunday, July 20, 2014

Let's Start Over!

Week 26

Sister Robyn Perez in Campinas, Brazil

Received 07/07/14


Communicate with Robyn:


Email at


Or write using, letter service in Brazil for faster delivery! Login in as my guest and you can send a letter or quick note free of charge!


Use login ID:

Use password: guest1

Select the: Send Letters/Photos Option (right side menu options)

Write your letter and then click “Send Letter”


The letter is printed, stuffed in an envelope and mailed from the MissionTies office in Brazil.

It’s fast, easy and free for you!  


Or write and mail via US Post Office:

Sister Robyn A. Perez

C/O Brazil Campinas Mission 
Rua 10 de Setembro, N. 38, Cambui
13023 Campinas SP, 


You know what? Missionary work is really, really hard. You are always worried about other people, whether they arereading the Book of Mormon, coming to church, and keeping other compromissos. You are pretty much holding their eternal salvation in your hands. You get stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed. You cry when they aren´t doing the things they need to be doing to receive a testimony and answers, because you know that this gospel will bring them the happiness and peace they are looking for. People say that as a disciple of Christ you are going to feel a little of what He felt while He was here on the earth....the crazy thing, a little is a lot for us. This morning I cried with my comp, because wehaven’t seen anything good come from our labors; and we´ve been working really, really hard. We keep trying to think of new ways to work better and smarter, but everything we try just doesn’t work. We try to stay positive and see the good in everything. But after a while it gets really hard; it’s like, what more can we do?! Maybe we need to start giving this work our whole being! We probably need to be even more positive, and like my dad said...positive in our hearts, not just positive in our smiles. This week we are ready to find the elect. We are ready to do whatever we have to do. And our plan is to start over, clean and fresh. We are going to trust Heavenly Father and his plan for the people that we will work with. And we are going to slay this week!!

Sister Perez









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