Sunday, July 20, 2014

Finding That Balance

Week 25

Sister Robyn Perez in Campinas, Brazil

Received 06/30/14


Communicate with Robyn:


Email at>


Or write using, letter service in Brazil for faster delivery! Login in as my guest and you can send a letter or quick note free of charge!


Use login ID:

Use password: guest1

Select the: Send Letters/Photos Option (right side menu options)

Write your letter and then click “Send Letter”


The letter is printed, stuffed in an envelope and mailed from the MissionTies office in Brazil.

It’s fast, easy and free for you!  


Or write and mail via US Post Office:

Sister Robyn A. Perez

C/O Brazil Campinas Mission 
Rua 10 de Setembro, N. 38, Cambui
13023 Campinas SP, 

(Ruben’s note: Another week of soccer interrupting missionary work!)


In reality every week is a good week. It’s just that some weeks are really awesome, things happen; other weeks are normal with no big news. So in other words this week was a good normal week. Just a lot of menos ativosand batando portas (knocking, or better said, clapping at doors)!


I’m no longer sick!!! Yay! and Sister Pontes and I have started doing Insanity (exercise routine) at 6 in the morning! 


Life is good down here in Brasil! And I love being a missionary!


Gentes...te amo!!!!






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