Monday, September 29, 2014

A miracle…that you could eat!

So if I’m being was another rough week. But my studies were way awesome and so I will not focus on the negatives and share a positive with you all!

I was thinking "We are working super hard...why is nothing working!" We were not including the Lord in his own work....yeah that was a slap in the face. Then, we just started having more faith and acting in faith. And then I read 1 Néfi 7:12.....if we show (act in faith) the Lord will help us. And then the miracle happened....ok, not exactly a huge one....more like I made a torta from scratch, without a recipe and it came out perfectly. I started making this torta for the baptism of Josmar (husband of Maurica) and well for one, I only ever watched Pontes make it, so I knew the ingredients but not the measurements. And then I’ve made mousse a bajillion times...except this time it wasn’t turning out the whole time Moura and I were silently praying and when we left for the baptism the torta was questionable. But when we ate was perfect!!! And the ward members were asking for the receita and I couldn’t even give them one. So, lesson learned....every day we get to see miracles!!!!
I wish I had more time to share but Im running real short on time!!! But just keep the faith meu povo!!!
Te amo!
Sister Perez

I've been doing this thing call preaching for 38 weeks!

Josmar got baptized! 

jumpin' trains

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