Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hello jaguariuna

Sister Robyn Perez – Week 35 – received 09/08/14


¡Seja Bem Vindo Ao Jaguariúna 2!


What an exhausting and awesome week! I was a little nervous to white wash Jaguariuna 2 and when I got to theRodoviária to pick up my new companion I must have asked my Zone Leader a thousand times if I was really senior. I even went up to the now that I’ve been doing this for a week its not really that bad....ha 

My new comp is Sister Garibay, from Peru. We are pretty much twins..shes the baby of 5, shes 20, and weve both been out for 8 months. Im "older" than her by 1 dayha, ha We think a lot alike this transfer is going to be awesome!!


Since we both really didnt know a lot of the investigators in the area, we visited a lot of the recent converts, menosativos, and the members in our area. We attempted to see the old investigators, but we dont really know their schedules. With our Menos Ativos, RC, and membros, we started the Book of Mormon challenge. I have a cool reading chart with all the chapters, and Garibay and went out and made like 30 copies. Then I downloaded the "Safety for the Soul" talk by Elder Holland (its super good and crazy powerful and about the Book oMormon). When we visited the MA, RC, andmembros we showed them the talk and then talked about the importance of the Book oMormon. Its working prettygood, because they all get excited about the reading chart and they all get competitive with their family. We are also using the American candy I got in a package to pump them up. So whoever reads 10 chapters first gets a candy bar. Our area is golden! The people here are super humble and willing to listen! Our job will be just to work extremely hard to find all theeleitos!!! Im super excited to see this area explode!! 


Sad note...I miss Sister Pontes like crazy!!! And now I dont have anyone to do my eyebrows!! 


Im so blessed, really, to be in Jag 2...even if I just moved to the other room! I know that this is the only true church and Iknow that Christ lives! Its awesome knowing that every day I get to bring this gospel, this happiness to people!


te amo!

Sister P


That ye may walk honestly toward them that are without, and that ye may have lack of nothing.


Thess. 4:12







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