Sunday, September 21, 2014

You can do it!

Sister Robyn Perez – Week 33 – received 08/25/14


The Day Sister Perez got the "You Can Do It" Bug


This week was awesome! It was a week where you work so hard that the minute your head hits the pillow you are out until the next morning!


I spent two days with sister Moura in Mogi Mirim for exchanges with the sisters there. It was really fun...but really, really hot! And they dont use the bus, so I walked all day with Sister Whitnah. All of our appointments fell through, so it was a "normal" day. That night was really funny. Sister Moura and I slept on the kitchen floor, on air mattresses....during the middle of the night I got super cold and woke Moura up and told her "mouratenho frio!" so she got up and moved my bed next to hers and we shared the huge blanket. Right as I was falling alseep she said " We are just like the pioneers in the winter" (but in Português) hahaha. When we talked about that in the morning we just laughed. Then we had lunch at a chácara. This place was so pretty! Soon after that we took a bus back to Jag. We were pretty much dead when we got home...but I was happy to be back in my bed...and area!


We finally got to see Alex again. When we went in for the lesson Moura told me to start it. So I sorta had an idea in my head of what I wanted to say...but like right as I was about to start, the Holy Ghost smacked me in the head and was like " no you are gonna read this chapter with him and talk about being strong in keeping the commandments." Its crazy how much the Spirit helps your investigators. We had a really good chat with him as we read 1 Nefi 2. We asked him if he was ready to give up all the things of the world to follow Christ like Lehi did...and then we recommitted him to dia 30 for baptism. I told him the first day we met him, Sister Becker and I saw him the way Heavenly Father sees him. Heavenly Father knows he is strong and we know he is strong...he just has to see that! But hes super solid now!!


Sunday was like a huge day for me (according to Moura) she told me I finally got attitude to get stuff done and not be scared. It all started with getting Neuza to church. I called her house, but she was still I told Mitillo that we were going to walk to her house and get her to church. So we did. And we waited for her to get ready. And she went to church. And she loved it! Then we had to go pick up Mauricia (when I first called she didnt want to go to church either). We ended up having 8 investigators at church! It was seriously a miracle! And then during Sacrament meeting there was a group of kids sitting behind me and a family. They would not stop talking. At first I was like just ignore it, but then something was like no tell them to be quite. Haha, so I did. I told the Bishops daughter, and the other girls to have more respect for their Heavenly Father and the other people and stop talking so that the members and our investigators can feel the Spirit. Yeah...I was like "why did I just do that!!" ha, ha but soon after Sacrament meeting I told the Bishop that we need to talk to the youth about reverence in the Sacrament meeting. He agreed with me...ha, after I told Moura and she was like so happy I did that. I was like scared. Haha


I’m excited for the last week of the transfer. I have a feeling ill be leaving Jag...but I’m ok with that. I feel like Ive already talked to everyone in this city. So hopefully I’ll get a different scenery this next transfer!!!


Te amo!



The bolder Sister Perez

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