Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Running, running and a tad bit of sleeping

Sister Robyn Perez – Week 36 – received 09/15/14

In Jaguariuna, Campinas, Brazil


don’t think I’ve ever been so tired. I probably said that last week...but seriously it’s true!! Every day Sister Garibay and I say that we will get home at 9 so we can be in bed by 940....it never happened. We would always be teaching or walking home from a lesson and then we'd end up getting home at 9:15 or later. But this isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually and oddly a good thing! It means we are working! And working we are! We've found a good teaching pool and now we are just trying to really focus on these people. We are also trying to knock some more doors to find even more. The only thing is that it’s HOT! It starts getting hot at 8 in the morning anddoesn’t cool down till like 6pm. We have to apply sunblock like 20 times! And we are always running to the bathroom because we drink so much water! And it’s supposed to get hotter!!! Ha, winter here should be fun!!


Sister Garibay and I are now really good friends! It’s almost like me and Sister Johnsonalmost, but no one will ever beat my "mom". It’s true when you have a really good relationship with your comp, the teaching goes way better! 


Jaguariuna 2 is so blessed! Why, because the members in this part love working with the missionaries! One of our recent converts took us to her friend. Then one member had us talk to her co-worker, and the co-worker took us to a neighbor. It’s awesome because these people have friends who are already members or about to be members and it’s easier to teach them the gospel! 


Something sad...I had a dream that I was already done with my mission. I woke up in a panic and was like,"NO!!!! I still have a ton of months!" ha, yeah not totally. Time here is flying so fast and soon I’ll be at 9 months. After I had that dream I promised Heavenly Father that I will work with all my might till my last day! Ican’t think of anything better than sharing the gospel with the people here in Jag 2. I’ve never been happier and as tired! Haha, but for real! This gospel is true! I know we have a living profeta que guides and directs us. And I know that my Savior lives!


Te amo!

Sister Perez






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