Sunday, September 21, 2014

I got transferred

Sister Robyn Perez – Week 34 – received 09/01/14


I finally got transferred!!!


I’m trying to think about all the things that happened this week...but my mind is so blank and I’m so dead!! This week was good...but I’m just super worn out! This always happens at the end of the transfer! But we finally had a baptism!!!! No it wasnt was Mauricia!!!!!!!! We just focused on her this week really hard and we finally got her into the waters! It was a stressful day for her because her husband could have gotten baptized...but he just wasnt ready. I told her that women always know what they need to do to help their families and the men are just a little slower, but she will be such a strong example for him!!! Then on Sunday we didnt see her at church and we were running around like crazy looking and calling her....she had called Alberto e Ariane for a ride and got to church on time!! AH! I love her!!! Then that evening we went and saw her mom and step dad and gave them a quick lesson! She helped us teach. And I repeat…I love her!! I was getting sorta sad because its transfersMauricia said, “I just want you 3 to say and the other 2 to leave....well, her wish came true. Pontes and Ttupa are leaving and MitilloMoura, and I are staying....yep...I’m staying. I got transferred to Jag 2...and I’m opening the area or in other words I’m white washing it...its next door to my old area but I have no clue what or where anything is! But I’m super stoked to get a new comp and work in this new...neighboring area!!! I’m super sad I’m getting separated from Pontes...but tudo vai da certo!


Keep the faith meu povo!


Te amo

Sister Perez


P.S. I make 8 months today!!!


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