Monday, May 11, 2015

2nd week of the last transfer and some crazy things happened.

There is this mean dog that lives on one street and he literally tries to bite us every time we walk past him. One time he actually bit McPherson and I almost had to kick the crazy thing. Then he came up and lightly bit my ankle as I was making a contact (talking to someone at their door)... This dog clearly hates we had to stop walking down that street.
When Sister McPherson got to me, I told her that she can’t read or study in English anymore....and the other day she went and did her personal study all in English, because she was just having a hard time. So during our 12 weeks training she looks at me like she had done something wrong. Then she says, “I studied in English...." and I just looked at her and replied "eu vi..sou sua mãe...I see everything." After that we just laughed and I told her that she really needs to forget English. Later in the week she started understanding a lot more!!!
The neighborhoods that we had been working in had been knocked down (worked by the missionaries) for the past 11 months and we decided to move out and start fresh. That wasn’t exactly easy, because it meant knocking a lot of new doors and going into the unknown. But we went into a new bairro that we had prayed about...and just went to town. A few people said we could come back but they would not let us in to share a message!!! Finally as we were just about to give up we ‘knock’ one last door...and this mom of twins comes out. Her boys run up and gave us both hugs and I’m just thinking "they probably think we are someone else..." and as we start talking to the mom she tells us how she had talked with a missionary at the bus station and didn’t have time to give her full address because she almost lost her bus. Two nights before we had gotten a referencia (referral) with her name, but the address wasn’t we were just like "yeah we will never find her"...BUT WE FOUND HER AND SHE IS SO GOLDEN!!!!!!" We are going back next week!!!
Bus station contacts are a bit hard because everyone is just not paying attention to you when you do try to talk to them...But as we were on our own doing contacts I went up to these two guys and just started talking to them. Only one talked and the other listened. I was holding the Book of Mormon and was wanting to give it out and so I asked the one who talked more if he would read it, and he was just like "no." Oh...that killed my heart a little, but then the quiet one looked at me and said, "you can take down my name and number, I’d like a visit" And I just looked at him and asked him to repeat himself. And then I ended up giving him the Book of Mormon and put our number in it and told him we will visit him. Sad thing he lives in the other ward...but then later he called me with a bunch of questions of the Book of Mormon!!! He had been reading it!!!! The other elders marked to meet with him!!! It was so cool that my little desire to hand out a Book of Mormon was answered!
The week was good....and God will always answer the righteous desires of your heart! I know that for a fact!!
Ficar forte, meu povo!!
Sister Perez
Hunting for Lemons (Elder Faughnan and Sister Mcpherson)


You should've seen the batch before #horrible...these came out perfect!

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