Monday, May 25, 2015

"Why do you girls walk so fast"-says a stranger in the street

So week #4...DONE
I’ve started having crazy dreams where I run away to stay in the mission field. I already told Presidente about this, so he is fully prepared.
This week I also had my last interview. Weird! I cried like a baby. But at the same time talking about my mission and how it went helped me see that I have learned a lot of things and have grown a lot. I’ve changed a lot. But one thing I picked up on was that I was happy about how my mission went. President Perroti asked if I would have done things differently and I thought for a second and told him nope. Then he started talking to me about marriage and I was just like "President, I have a long time before that!!" He just laughed.
So right now we are focusing on 2 people. Gabi and Sergio. Our little light babies!! (I say light because they really got the Light of Christ in them). We marked a date with both of them! Dia 13 de Junho. Yup that is right...right before I go. But we are praying and fasting that they will make it to this date. Sergio has started the process de parando de fumar (sorry I can’t figure that out in English) and Gabi told us she wants to go on a mission!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! Like these 2 are solid!!
This random guy asked us, in English, why we are always walking so fast. And I just told him it was a habit. Then I thought to myself, 'because I’ve got like 3 more weeks and I need to preach this gospel to every soul in this city and Christ is returning!' Then I remembered my Book of Mormon studies and how all the missionaries were always running for places to teach the gospel. Then when the signs of Christ’s birth came to pass they rushed the work even more. Then while they were waiting for the signs and began seeing a few signs foretelling of his death they rushed the calling of repentance even more! Then I realized that with all these one really even believed! It’s like the humble missionaries weren’t good enough for them and then all the signs where nothing. That’s how it is today. A lot of people don’t really know what it is to have true faith! It’s no longer good enough to get a spiritual confirmation and it isn’t good enough to see a milagre. Our faith is everything. And we can’t afford to let our faith weaken because in the last days, even some of the strongest will fall. One of our recent converts gave a class on Sunday and she quoted something that really stuck with me, "A fé não vem por sinais, mas os sinais seguem os que creem" (Faith cometh not by signs, but signs follow those who believe.)
Stay faithful meu povo!
Sister Perez
FHE...I'm on a cookie craze

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