Monday, May 4, 2015

The Beginning of the End

Wow…to be honest I never thought I would finally be at this point...but here I am. I hate thinking about it. Like this place, Brasil, has stolen my heart! But I will say that it helps a lot being with a newbie (new missionary).
Being with McPherson has been a blast...and really exhausting! I’m still being strong in not giving in and speaking to her in English, and that is really hard! But in this last week, she really improved. She has the ability to pick stuff up really fast and so I push her. Last Monday night when we got to the bus station I told her she needed to do 15 contacts alone. I went with her for the first one and she did ok. Then I told her to go talk to some lady on her own. The look in her eyes was like, "don’t make me do this alone" but I made her go. She ended up talking with 14 other people all alone! One group of people even took a picture with her!! She surprised herself on Monday. At times, I do feel like she gets frustrated because I make it so hard and challenging for her. I even got nervous she would say something about it, asking me to be easier...but then after a few days she told me thanks for the push. I honestly don’t have a code of how to train...but I’m putting all my trust in the Lord and praying like crazy for guidance...because without Him, I am so lost!
She is making me so proud and I just love being a missionary!...and passing on this love to McPherson.
"There is joy guaranteed to the faithful"
-Elder Henry B. Eyring
Stay Strong meu povo!
Com Amor,
Sister Perez

All purty for a mission devotional!

The only American sisters in the whole mission! USA!

They learn the best when ya just throw them out there! My kid is a champ! #soproud

This cute little future missionary!

Good quality bonding time...aka language study

Endorphins make you happy...and we missionaries need to be happy!

She survived her first day of Insanity (that ShaunT workout video)

"excuse me, but have you heard about the Church?"

This little Saint is supposed to help you find your future spouse! 

So there is a little tank that collects all the fat that drains from the leaked today

And we had to clean all the fat out of it... #nasty

Poor kid had such a rough day with the language...she kept asking when we were going to get our pizza! 

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