Monday, May 18, 2015

Novos Bairros!

Well, leaving those other bairros worked!!!!
There were and still are so many people waiting for us!!! It was so cool! Literally in one day we had like 6 lessons!!!
But our week just started off with a really crazy P-day (P-day = Monday, when missionaries do their laundry, shopping, cleaning and a few fun things). We spent it with Elders Schulze and Faughnan and they were just like you can’t waste p-days sleeping. So we had to hang out with them all day! ha We played foosball and basketball and then we had a big ole jam sesh (jam session w-the ukulele). Sister McPherson then was walking on the curb, fell off and sprained her ankle...shoot!!! But she said it didn’t hurt so we went to our FHE which was awesome!! It was with Gabi!! She really opened up with us! It was nice!
So back to this new bairro...The mom we found last week is sooooo golden!! She was so happy to have us over and she was really interested!! Her name is Kátia, btw!
Then we went looking for a few referencias...and I had no clue where the house was that we were looking we stopped and tried this one house and out comes an older man. He had no clue either...we were about to leave but then asked him if we can talk to him...he said sure. We ended up talking about baptism and the Book of Mormon...he accepted baptism!!! like wut??? But now he is one of our promitidos!! And is marked for dia 30 of this month!! He is so special to us!! And Sunday when we stopped by he looked sooooooo different!!! The Gospel really changes people!!! And his name is Sérgio!
So this last transfer and this one, we became really good friends with Elder Schulze and Faughnan. Like we spent every P-day hanging out. Today was their last day in the mission. They had a baptism. And Elders Calk, Faughnan, and Norton and I all sang. It was cool. And sad. Faughnan told me that if I can, stay on the mission for forever. I only wish that could happen. It hasn’t fully hit me that I am coming to the end...but like Faughnan said, there is nothing better than a mission. And maybe I’ll go rouge and stay out here forever! hahaha!!
Preach the word to everyone! Milagres são reais!
Com amor,
Sister Perez
McPherson is really good at doing nail!

That time again... #cold

When you are really bad at fusball so you have to get creative...oh and that's Elder Schulze

Poor kid rolled her ankle...

Elder Faughnan and Schulze made the BEST cinnamon rolls ever!!

Mexican Paletas!!...dont mind the tights..its cold!

One of the elders was I went to work on making some chicken noodle soup...and after that they kept asking for more....

Having no clue where you are...yeah that happened to us a lot

Shouldn't ever leave elders in charge of getting the baptismal font filled because they will forget and it will over flow!

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